Oil Cleansing: ALL you need to know about it and if it can be used for oily skin

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Oil Cleansing: ALL you need to know about it and if it can be used for oily skin
Oil Cleansing: ALL you need to know about it and if it can be used for oily skin

For the longest time, we believed that wearing oil-free products kept skin clear, breakout-free and smooth. Recently though, oil products have been resurging and gaining popularity. Oil products were earlier believed to cause breakouts earlier. Today, oil cleansers are known to tame skin and get rid of stubborn makeup that doesn't budge.

Oil cleansing is today a major part of the Korean beauty regimen with women and men all over the world swearing by it.

While many people believe cleaning involves soap and lather, oil cleansing is known to not only get rid of the dirt and gunk but also ensure the skin doesn't dry out.

Here's why oil cleansers are the safest bet for cleaning your skin no matter how oily or acne-prone it is.
- Using oil rather than traditional soaps or foaming cleansers helps in protecting the natural top layer of the skin.
- It removes makeup gently without drying out the skin excessively.
- Oil cleansing helps in cleaning out pores and blackheads while also removing the pollutants and getting rid of free radicals along with makeup.
- Oil cleansing helps get rid of the excess amount of sebum, that most people with oily skin struggle with.


Some of the common natural oils used for oil cleansing include:
- Castor oil
- Olive oil
- Almond oil
- Jojoba oil

How to oil cleanse skin:
For dry skin:
- Put half a spoon of olive and castor oil in the palm of your hands.
- Apply the oil on your face and use the tips of your fingers to gently massage your skin and let the oils penetrate it.
- Wipe the oil away with a damp cloth and seal off with a moisturiser.
For oily skin, follow the same steps but use Jojoba oil instead of olive oil.


Results of oil cleansing:
- Your skin should feel light and soft after oil cleansing.
- It is recommended that you do a patch test before oil cleansing, to see how your skin reacts.
- It may take a week or two for your skin to adjust to this new method of cleansing, which might cause it to 'purge' or breakout. If the breakouts don't stop in two weeks, especially for those with oily and acne-prone skin, use a gentle face wash after oil cleansing.

Have you tried oil cleansing yet? Comment below and let us know.

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