Pimples ruining your day? THIS kitchen ingredient is sure to get rid of them overnight

The latest revelation is that Garlic is the solution to all your pimple problems!
Beauty,pimples,easy remedies for pimples,remedy for clear skin Pimples ruining your day? THIS kitchen ingredient is sure to get rid of them overnight
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Pimples are one of the most annoying things that can happen to any of us. They show up unexpectedly and automatically ruin one's day! But by now, we are already aware that home remedies work best on pimples. And there's nothing better than kitchen products to get rid of them completely. The list of ingredients seems ever growing as Instagram beauty addicts seem to have found another simple hack - Garlic!

Apparently, rubbing garlic on a pimple helps dry it overnight!
All you need to do, is take a clove of garlic and make a few cuts on it so the juice drips out. Rub the juiced part on the area of the pimple and the area surrounding it. 
This can even be rubbed on the surface where a pimple is just about to sprout. 

Not only pimples, this simple remedy can also be used to get rid of whiteheads. Beauty bloggers claim that the whiteheads disappear instantly and "never return". 
Ensure you leave the liquid on overnight for best results!

Though there aren't dermatological claims about this process, the logical explanation behind this is that Garlic contains allicin which has anti-inflammatory properties and helps in drying out the pimple. 
But like testing out any other product before applying it on your face, ensure you do a test patch on your hand to see if your skin is allergic since every skin type is different. What works on your skin might not work on somebody else. 

Are you excited to try this out? Comment below and let us know. 
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