Pinkvilla’s 30 Day Skincare Challenge: Transform your skin in a month and we bet you won’t regret it!

While many states have issued a lockdown yet again, it’s time to use the extra days on our hands and transform and pamper our skin!
Pinkvilla’s 30 Day Skincare Challenge: Transform your skin in a month and we bet you won’t regret it!
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Being locked away in our houses has definitely changed the way we look at the world, this time off has also made us look after ourselves. Selfcare has become a very important part of our lives and skincare is an important step. We know that because we are super invested just like you. 

With the announcement of a lockdown extension (at least in Maharashtra) it looks like we are all stuck at home for another month. So we thought, why the long faces, instead let’s GLOW UP together. 

We have come up with this 30-day skincare challenge where we will tell you exactly what to do. And no, we won’t ask you to invest in fancy products, you can make do with the basic ones already at home! The only rule is to follow the steps and keep adding on.

We’ll be right by your side doing it along with you and yes, this works for all skin types mostly because it is about learning what your skin needs and what it doesn’t. So it’s time you bookmark this challenge and make sure to revisit it every day for a much-needed skincare boost!

Skincare challenge in…





Day 1:

Time to get rid of the dead skin cells first so your skin can absorb all the goodness. Exfoliation is the name of the game. You could use any scrub you have on hand or make your own. 

3 Fruit face scrubs to whip up at home for BRIGHT and glowing skin

Day 2:

Learn about cleansing, toning and moisturising. These are the basic steps for any skincare routine - morning or night. The basic principle is to clean your pores, balance the effects of the cleansing and then hydrate.

3 Simple DIY toners that will change the way you do your skincare

Day 3:

If your house has windows, you need sunscreen. That’s the rule, so if you’ve been skipping this step, it’s time to add it back to your routine. CTM, then SPF, and these steps continue for the whole month.

Day 4: 

Give yourself a massage. Using your knuckles to apply your moisturiser is a great way to let the product seep in. Massaging the face can also promote blood circulation. 

Skincare: 3 unusual and offbeat ways to get glowing skin of your dreams

Day 5:

Sometimes, your skin not only needs the goodness from topical treatments but it is necessary to nourish and rejuvenate it from within. So, eat right or at least include one of the ingredients in your meals every day.

Day 6: 

Clean your makeup brushes. We do not realise how dirty they are and end up using the same tools again and again. So get to scrubbing.

Day 7: 

You’ve officially managed to survive the week and this needs to be appreciated. Treat yourself to facial steam, exfoliation and at-home mask.

Want to do a super effective facial spa at home for free? Try this

Day 8: 

If you already love serums, yay you. But if you haven’t ever used serum, it’s time to start. Read up about why serums are important and here’s a fun DIY one you could try.

Day 9: 

Today’s goal: drink 5 glasses of water. Iced or normal, hydration from within WILL show up on your skin.

Day 10:

Oranges and lemon - drink, eat and apply! Vitamin C is an important ingredient for you and your skin. Start your morning with warm lemon water, thank us later!

Day 11: 

High glycemic index food and dairy products are not your skin’s friend. They are the worst and cause acne breakouts. Try to do without them today

Day 12: 

After all the changes you’ve been making, it is important to pamper your skin with a hydrating mask. 

Day 13: 

They call it ‘beauty sleep’ for a reason! Get at least 6-8 hours tonight. 

Day 14:

Time for another addition. Add eye-cream to your daily routine (you can DIY one also). Under-eye skin is important and requires TLC. 

Day 15:

Try out this at home overnight hydrating face mask and thank us later!

Day 16:

After spending hours on your pillowcase, it’s time you get rid off all the dirt on it! 

Day 17:

Try out all the K-Beauty home remedies and find out what all the fuss is about!

Skincare: THESE Korean beauty home remedies will give you PERFECT skin with ingredients from your kitchen

Day 18: 

Give that pout a bit of love and scrub off all the dead skin off your lips. 

Beauty: THIS 3 ingredient DIY lip scrub will cure your chapped lips immediately 

Day 19:

We know this is difficult, but, switch off your cup of coffee for green tea and you'll see the difference it makes to your skin!

Day 20:

Get rid of all the dark spots and blemishes that have found home on your face with a spot reduction ubtan!

Day 21: 

Grab your used tea bags and pop it in the freezer, take it out after a few minutes and apply it over your eyes. It works as a great de-stressor!

Day 22: 

Ice baby ice! Dunk your face in ice water and let it glow from within. You’ll think of us when your skin looks great!

Day 23: 

With the extremely busy schedules that we have, make sure to include vitamins in both your skincare and diet. 

Here’s how you can apply Vitamin E directly to your face for AMAZING results

Day 24:

Use face oils and moisturise yourself like a baby!

Face oils will change the way you look at skincare; Find out everything we know

Day 25: 

Look back at all the skincare mistakes you’ve been making!

Day 26: 

Detox your skin and exfoliate yet again and go back to your roots and follow the CTM method yet again!

Day 27: 

It’s that time of the month again so get your at-home facial supplies out! 

Day 28: 

Spend a few minutes to let the hydration locked in with a sheet mask.

Day 29: 

Keep your diet and hydration in check!

Day 30: 

Time to look at your skin and adore the wonder you’ve created with hard work and determination. 

If you have any questions, let us know in the comments section below, we’ll be here to answer them all!

Keep a check on @pinkvillafashion for all the tips and tricks we’ll share over the next 30 days!

Disclaimer: Please do a patch test before trying out any remedies mentioned. Refer to a doctor if you have an underlying skin condition. Avoid the challenge if your skin is prone to problems. 

Anonymous 10 months ago

Please give me a list of home ingredients that I can find here in New York

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I can’t believe you are asking pinkvilla for skincare tips when you live in New York go to Sephora girl

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Can I know about the steps everyday?

Anonymous 10 months ago

Go see hyram and if you have a bigger budget go see the channel mixed makeup

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I wl start with u

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India needs some Hindi speaking good skincare influencers