Pinkvilla’s GLOW UP challenge: Nailcare week: Here’s a way to DIY a manicure at home on Day 4

Updated on Jun 24, 2021 06:38 PM IST  |  150.6K
Pinkvilla’s GLOW UP challenge: Nailcare week: Here’s a way to DIY a manicure at home on Day 4

Over the last few days, we’ve seen all the remedies from exfoliating to moisturising and nourishing your hands and nails, now, it’s time to dive into making them look good. A manicure consists of everything from keeping the nails clean to polishing them to add a pop of colour. It’s time to cut, file and make the nails look pretty. 

1. Start by cutting the nails and making them an equal length. This is a good start to looking presentable. 

2. Next, start to file it to avoid any rough edges and make sure to shape them in one particular shape. (I personally like a rounded square but you can pick anything that you like)

3. Now, start buffing your nails to bring back the lost shine and to ensure that the nail paint sticks to it perfectly. 

4. Start your nail paint process by covering your nails in a base coat. This ensures that the pigment of the colourful nail paint does not stain your nails, in turn, keeping it healthy. 

5. Now, for a more edgy look you can either pick a colourful french tip that is extremely trendy right now or just keep things natural with a flat colour. 

6. Ensure you finish off the nail paint process with a top coat. This makes sure that your nail paint does not chip in just a few days and lasts longer. 

7. Once dry, use the cuticle oil to add that hint of sheen to your fingernails while keeping it nourished. 

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