Pinkvilla's GLOW UP Challenge: The Skincare Week: Clear your pores with a DIY peel off mask on Day 1

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Pinkvilla's GLOW UP Challenge: The Skincare Week: Clear your pores with a DIY peel off mask on Day 1

Now that summer has come to an end and the monsoon is fast approaching, we're not ready for the dull skin that comes with this change in weather. Since we're still holed up at home, Pinkvilla's team is all set to take up the glow up challenge. 

To begin with, there's nothing we want more right now than glowing and radiant skin. So every day of this week, we're dedicating 15 minutes to our skin before kicking off the day. Join us in our journey and give your skin some much-needed pampering.

One of the easiest ways to clean your skin, remove the gunk from the surface and give an instant glow is with the help of a peel-off mask. The right mask can also get rid of ingrown hair, blackheads and clean your pores from within. 

While there are peel-off masks that can be bought from stores, not all work great on the skin as they have chemicals that could react badly and make them unsuitable for all skin types.

Whipping up your own peel-off mask at home might not sound like the easiest task, but trust us, it is much easier than it looks. And to add a dash of fun to it, you can also throw in some edible glitter, for those perfect selfies!

Orange + Gelatin + Haldi peel off mask 

Orange peel powder (4-5 spoons) 

Unflavoured gelatin powder (3 spoons)

Haldi powder (1/2 spoon)


In a heat-resistant bowl add the orange juice and gelatin powder. Place it in a container with hot water and stir till the powder is dissolved completely. 

Add the Haldi powder to this and mix well till it becomes a golden yellow hue. To this, add edible glitter (if available) and let it cool for a few seconds.


Wash your face with a foaming face wash. 

With a brush, apply this liquid to your face. Avoid the eye area as while peeling off, the mask might tug at your skin. 

Once the layer is dry, apply a second and third layer over it so the mask is thick. 

(Pro tip: Don't try to crack a smile after the peel has dried!)

Once it has dried, peel it off. Rinse your face with cold water and pat dry. Follow up with your go-to moisturiser and embrace the glow! 

Try this and share your before and after shots with us on with the subject line - GLOW UP Challenge, and stand a chance to get featured! 

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