Post party season, THIS is the beauty detox regime you should follow to get glowing skin again

Party season calls for layers of make-up that make you look like a glam goddess. But post that, help your skin replenish and get back to its natural and healthy state.
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January is all about New Year resolutions and keeping up to them. From losing weight to eating healthy and focusing on self-improvement, it is all done to death. So maybe, this year take it slow and focus on your skin. The holidays are obviously stressful for your skin as there are layers of make-up applied. This can lead to clogged pores, irritation, acne, spots and change in complexion. 

Now, it is all about giving your skin a break and this can only be done by de-cluttering your routine. Stick to the basics to help your skin repair and regenerate itself. 

Follow this post-party detox that should help your skin breathe again. 


Instead of doing your cleansing routine once a day after you take up your make-up at night, embrace the double cleanse routine. 
Cleanse your skin twice a day - once in the morning and once at night, as this helps unclog your pores and removes the dirt, leaving your skin clean and fresh before you begin your day and after you end it. 

Peels are a great way to bring back that healthy glow of your skin. Peels are an excellent way of getting rid of the bumps and stubborn dirt stuck to the skin while bringing it right back on track. 

Mud Detox

A mud mask is sure to get rid of all the impurities and dirt that is making your skin dull and greasy. A mud-based mask makes for an effective detox session that will make your skin supple, seamless and toxin-free, getting rid of the lacklustre. 

Massage a water-based serum on our face for a quick five 
minutes to give it the nourishment it deserves. This also helps in reducing the puffiness and brings back your skin's natural glow again. 

Minimise make-up


When you are giving your skin a break from all things chemical, ensure you apply as little make-up as possible. Keep the staples like a tinted moisturiser, kajal and lipstick in handy and keep the rest at bay for at least another month or so. This will help your skin recover faster. 

At the end of the party season, it is important to not stress your skin out as this could cause acne, clogging of pores and even infections if there is make-up residue on your skin. 
Follow this routine religiously for a month and watch your skin improve drastically. 

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