Priyanka Chopra Jonas’s reveals the secret to her glowing and healthy skin

Priyanka Chopra Jonas swears by kitchen home ingredients to get that flawless glow and long healthy hair
Priyanka Chopra Jonas’s reveals the secret to her glowing and healthy skin
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Priyanka Chopra Jonas is the perfect example of a modern day woman. In spite of globe trotting, the former Miss World is still deeply rooted with her homeland and embodies the ideologies of a strong and confident woman. What really works in her favour is how she holds her country, traditions and cultures on a high with respect. 


Haven’t we all seen her do a ‘Namaste’ at all the major International red carpet events? Talk about India and its values with a lot of pride at talk shows? And openly credit and vouch for desi DIY remedies for her impeccable glowing skin. Yes, the newly married actress credits natural remedies for her luscious locks and flawless glow. 


The Quantico actress started off with saying that she believes that positivity is the way to get things done. In a conversation with Vogue India earlier this year she said, how social media was supposed to be a medium of connectivity, a medium to bring people together and not spew hatred and negativity. 


Priyanka Chopra who married International pop singer, Nick Jonas in December last year beautifully described the relation between inner and outer beauty. PeeCee said that she feels the most beautiful when her confidence is on an all time high. She also gave out the best motivational phrase, she said, “Being you is the best fashion trend”. 



As is already established, Chopra Jonas opts for an all traditional skincare and haircare regime. Relying heavily on her kitchen she revealed what she applies on her face to get that impeccable glow. The 37 year old swears by this homemade yoghurt facial. She whips up 2 tablespoons of oatmeal and yoghurt with 2 teaspoon of turmeric. Mix it all together and apply it on the face. Leave it on for about 20 minutes or half an hour and wash it off with lukewarm water. The facemask will help in brightening the skin and helps in taking away the dullness. 



If you thought that’s where she is limiting her obsession with kitchen ingredients for her beauty glamour, then you are wrong. Priyanka likes taking a bath with greek yoghurt as it is extremely hydrating. All you’ve got to do is  apply and rub it all over the body like you would apply soap and let it sit for about 3-4 minutes. You can also rub it on your scalp as it helps in getting rid of dandruff. Wash it off with lukewarm water and unfold the magic. 



When she was asked about her eating habits, in true blue Punjabi side she said, that she eats whatever she likes. She confessed that she does try to be healthy but it only lasts up to two days. Also adding that she is blessed with great metabolism. The stunner says no matter what, she never forgets to have plenty of water. Priyanka also adds that if you haven’t slept the previous day, the best way to fake a glowing and healthy skin is to drink lots and lots of water, all day, everyday. 



Well, now we know all the secrets behind this stunner’s flawless and radiant skin. Are you going to try any of PeeCee’s DIY home facials? Comment below and let us know. 


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