Prone to skin ageing and concerned about it? Conquer skin ageing with dermatologist Dr Chytra Anand

Dr Chytra V Anand, founder of Kosmoderma Clinics is here to take you through all the ways to reduce signs of ageing. Check it out
Prone to skin ageing and concerned about it? Conquer skin ageing with dermatologist Dr Chytra Anand
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Ageing skin is not only characterized by dullness, fine lines and blemishes, but also visible dry and flaky skin and a shrivelled appearance.  A number of factors both environmental and genetic contributions to the on-going loss in skin’s ability to regenerate and repair itself as it ages. Loss of natural moisturizers, environmental damage, stress as well as reduced ability to renew skin cells, leads to roughness and laxity in the skin. Hormonal changes are also associated with a change in skin texture as we age. The skin tends to produce lesser natural moisturizing agents, thereby leading to dry and flaking skin.

Often, as winter strikes no amount of moisturizer or cream is enough to replenish the natural suppleness of the skin as well as the lips. If you are experiencing a natural loss of moisture and oil from your skin due to ageing, the winter season would worry you furthermore. Not only do you need to replenish moisture and hydration, but you also need to undertake procedures that can rejuvenate your skin’s natural repair and regeneration mechanism.

Here are a few tips and skin procedures that can help you meet the twin goals of hydration and skin remodelling:

Don’t forget the basics

Often, a majority of our skin-related concerns as well as premature ageing is due to the absence of a healthy skincare routine. Not moisturising daily, not using sunscreen, failing to cleanse your face daily and using products unsuitable for your skin types are some major elements that are the culprit for poor skin health. Having the skincare basics in place is the preliminary step to have healthy and youthful skin.

A daily moisturiser is the most essential skincare product that you need to use. In fact, we must apply a moisturizer immediately after washing our face. Similarly, using sunscreen before stepping out is equally important as exposure to UV radiation is a major cause of skin ageing. At the same time, people are often oblivious to the fact that using products unsuitable for your skin type can have disastrous consequences for the skin particularly if you have sensitive skin. It is advisable to know your skin type and select products accordingly.

Not to forget the importance of daily exercise, healthy eating and stress management. Make no mistake, junk food is as bad for your body as it is to your skin. Similarly, prolonged stress is as bad to your skin as it is for your mind.

Hyaluronic acid-based skincare products

An elemental component of skin Hyaluronic acid (HA) is arguably the single most important factor that ensures resilience, firmness and hydration to the skin. Greater knowledge about the role HA plays in ensuring the health of the skin’s extracellular matrix has led to a surge in the popularity of HA-based products. From serums to creams to injectable treatments, Hyaluronic acid has become a key skincare ingredient. One of the most notable characteristics of HA is its hydrophilic nature – HA molecules bind large amount of moisture to the skin. This is why if you are looking for a Hyaluronic acid-based skin product or procedure, winter is perhaps the best time to get it.

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