THIS quick 5 step makeup routine will trick people into thinking you have got enough sleep at night

These steps can be done on the way to work, to make you look more alive, awake and put together for the day!
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No matter how much sleep you get, it never seems enough. The bed is always too cosy and you are always too lazy to get out. The snooze button has become your best friend leaving you with almost no time to look well put for the day that is to come. 

No matter what profession you are part of, heading to your workplace looking like you just woke up is a complete no-no. But with waking up late, we know you barely have time for your saving grace (makeup). 
To help you out here is a five-minute make-up routine you can follow on the go to look more alive and awake at work. 

- Instead of wasting time with moisturiser and then foundation, mix the two! A tinted moisturiser will come to your rescue at this crucial time! Apply just five dots all over your face one on each cheek, your forehead, nose and chin and blend well with your fingers. 

- Use a concealer pen to cover up those dark circles that will hide the fact that you have been up at night on Netflix. Apply a line under each eye and blend it well with your tinted moisturiser for eyes that will seem like you have had adequate rest at night. 

- Obviously, you have no time to do full eye make-up. Take a pencil eyeliner and tightline your eyes to make them pop. This way, you won't even need to line your eyes so just coat them with a layer of mascara to make your lashes look full and voluminous. Use a white or nude colour pencil on the waterline of your lower eyelid for your eyes to look extra bright. 

The eyeliner pencil can also double as a brow pencil to darken your eyebrows and make them look more full. 

- Glide a coat of your favourite lipstick shade on your lips. Take a little on your finger and dab it on your cheeks for a light blush that will make you look more awake. 

- Dab some translucent powder all over your face and once you are done, to make sure the make-up is set and doesn't budge. 

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