The RIGHT way to clean your makeup brushes and why you ought to do it more often: An expert opines

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The RIGHT way to clean your makeup brushes and why you ought to do it more often: An expert speaks

If you are a makeup lover, I’m sure you have tons of beauty tools that include brushes, beauty blenders, sponges, hair styling tools, eyelash curlers etc. Owing to the hiatus that this pandemic has caused, it’s possible that your makeup tools have been sitting in their kits for over 6/7 months. It is hence advisable to sanitise all of the above before and after use. Just like one would use hand sanitiser for their hands, it is imperative that one also sanitises their beauty kit. 

We have facial oils that are transferred to our makeup and beauty tools which then go back to the makeup products when we use them, causing cross-contamination. Hence it is very important to sanitise your tools. This practice also does away with any sort of skin infections/acne which is mainly caused by using dirty tools over and over again. 


You can wash your brushes with Brush / Sponge Cleansing Balms, soaps, cleansing liquids or instant cleansers available online. One must ensure that it contains at least 70% alcohol so that there are no remnants of bacteria or viruses lurking on your makeup. You may begin by moistening your brushes and sponges with water and then swirl it into the soap container, gently massage your brushes & beauty blenders to remove stubborn traces of makeup and wash it off with water. Lay the brush to the original position, flat to dry. 

Using a Cosmetic Disinfectant Sanitiser is a good idea as it can be spritzed on all powder-based products such as blushers, eye shadow palettes, compact powders, hair styling tools both before and after use. These disinfectants contain 70% alcohol as well as ingredients that retain the original composition and texture of the makeup product without drying it out making them a viable choice.


When liquid cosmetic disinfectants are sprayed on cream-based makeup products it takes a while to dry, hence not the best idea to use it, it is the sweeping motion that is required and hence one needs cosmetic sanitising wipes that eliminate 99.9% bacteria that can be swiped across the surface of cream-based products such as lipsticks, mascara wands, eyelash curlers, male grooming tools such as beard trimmers etc. 

About the author: Bianca Louzado is the founder of Code beauty. 

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