The Royal Glow on a Budget: Here's how to achieve Meghan Markle's glow on a budget according to her facialist

Known not just for her impeccable fashion choices but her flawless skin and hair too, the Duchess of Sussex has been setting new goals. Here is how you can get it!
The Royal Glow on a Budget: Here's how to achieve Meghan Markle's glow on a budget according to her facialist
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Meghan Markle has made multiple royal outings so far and there has not been a single instance when she hasn't glowed in one of them. Whether it was once she just got married, during her pregnancy or even post it when she went on tour to Africa, the former Suits actor has been setting all kinds of goals with her shiny and glowing skin. Turns out, the secret to this is much more than just a combination of moisturiser and highlighter. 
Her facialist, Sarah Chapman talked to Harper's Bazaar about the secret to radiant and well-rested looking skin at home!

The first step to anything, is to get the blood flowing. You need to begin with making lose fists and kneading your knuckles into the muscles of your face and drum your fingertips on your face till it is flushed. This helps in draining away the tired look and helps in ensuring the skin is oxygenated and looking fresh. 

An easy way to look better in a jiffy is to cleanse your face like you do, massage it as mentioned above and then steam it up. This helps the skin in absorbing all the materials from the next few procedures. 
Start off with a lactic acid peel which not only exfoliates but also hydrates and brightens the skin and then top it off with Vitamin C serum to further brighten the face. 

Chapman also advises that one go easy on the eye cream. "The tissue there is 10 times thinner than the rest of your face so it can't sustain all the product. You only need a drop size of a half-grain of rice and tap it under the eye area," she says. 

Ensure that you include the neck, chest and shoulders when you are doing a facial at home as they are considered a part of the face and are all susceptible to the same kind of damage. When they are ignored, they tend to look old and these small details can make you look aged. 

Are you all set to get glowing skin at home with these tips? Comment below and let us know. 
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