Sara Ali Khan shows you how to get your glam game on point

Updated on May 25, 2021 12:01 AM IST  |  292.4K
Sara Ali Khan shows you how to get your glam game on point

Little too bored sitting in front of your laptop? How would you bring about a change to mundane days? Time to upskill. We’re talking about getting up and jumping out of your bed just to glam up. Tiny joys that can help keep your spirit up at home all day. Bollywood actress, Sara Ali Khan keeps her visage fresh and plays it up alluringly with whimsical hues when required. 

We’ve picked 3 looks from the Love Aaj Kal star’s Instagram for you to emulate from daytime to night-time. Follow these steps and learn how to go from classy to quirky with makeup brushes and hues. 

WFH glam 

1. Cleanse, tone, and moisturise your skin thoroughly.

2. Use a primer to seal your pores.


3. Apply a liquid foundation (infused with SPF) onto your face and neck. 


4. Use a concealer to cover discolouration. 


5. Dab a light-hued creamy hush onto your lids and blend well.  


6.Grab a brown kohl pencil to draw your lower and upper lash lines. 


7.Get a waterproof mascara to curl up your lashes and define them. 


8.Brush your brows with a spoolie. 


9. Swipe on a lip balm and fill in your lips with a soft pink / nude shade as per your choice. 


10. Lock the look with a setting spray/powder. 


Casual meet glam 

(With little tweaks)


1. Don’t forget the CTM. 

2. Apply sunscreen. 


3. Dab some primer. 


4. Coat your skin with a liquid / matte foundation. 


5. Conceal blemishes. 


6. Grab a black eyeliner and draw a stroke on your upper lash line. 


7. Use an electric blue Kajal on your lower lash line and smudge it out using an eyebrow brush. 


8. Define your lashes with waterproof mascara. 


9. Opt for a lip balm and lip stain to add shine to your lips. 


10. Seal the look with a setting spray/powder. 


Dinner night glam 

1. Cleansing, toning, and moisturising are a must. 

2. Apply the primer using your fingertips. 


3. Get a matte foundation with SPF. 


4. Cover blemishes with a concealer. 


5. Apply hush and grab a 3 shimmery eyeshadow palette. 


6. Cover the inner corners of your eyes with a silver shade, the center with purple, and the outer corners in pink. 


7. Tightline your eyes using a kajal. 


8.Brush your brows using a spoolie and fill them with an eye pencil. 


9. Tightline your eyes using black kohl. 


10. Use lip balm and peach lipstick. 


11. Finish the look and help it stay put with a setting spray/powder. 




Have you tried any new makeup trend? Let us know in the comments below.



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