Sesame Oil: THESE benefits of the sesame oil will make your hair extra nourished and shiny

Sesame oil is no more just cooking oil. It is one of the most important nutrients your hair ever needs. Read on to know more.

Updated on Dec 20, 2019 05:27 AM IST  |  1.7M
Sesame Oil: THESE benefits of the sesame oil will make your hair extra nourished and shiny
Sesame Oil: THESE benefits of the sesame oil will make your hair extra nourished and shiny
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Sesame oil is a nourishing, healing and lubricating oil, which is not only used as a cooking oil but also for beauty purposes. This oil is rich in Vitamin E, B complex, minerals, calcium, phosphorus and proteins. These nutrients help to make the roots nourished. Sesame oil also promotes hair growth while maintaining the scalp's health properly. Due to pollution, dust and dirt, sebum oil, our hair gets dry, frizzy and lifeless. Excess sebum production makes the hair oily as well. All these contribute towards numerous hair problems like hair fall, greying, dandruff, etc. So, if we use sesame oil regularly, then it can save us from these hair problems.

Sesame oil can also be used in any hair masks or with other hair oils to provide the hair with ultimate care of all the ingredients. So, if you are using sesame oil for cooking, then add this to your hair care regime as well. The benefits of this oil can save you from all serious hair problems and protect our hair from the environment. 


Sesame oil comes with benefits that can cure your hair problems:


1. Prevents premature greying

Massaging sesame oil regularly on the scalp can prevent premature greying blocking the real hair colour for a longer period. On the contrary, the oil has darkening properties, which can darken your hair while maintaining its health.


2. Protection from UV rays

The oil protects the hair from the harmful UV rays; it works as a natural sun-blocking agent. Regular usage of the oil on the scalp and hair protects it from the severe damage, which our hair tends to get from the sun rays. 


3. Helps to promote hair growth

Sesame oil improves blood circulation on the scalp, which clears the hair follicles, as a result of which, we get strong hair growth. It also heals the hair from any chemical damage and nourishes the hair strands. 


4. Soothes the hair

Sesame oil comes with soothing properties, which protect the hair follicles from damage by excess heat. It also works as a coolant, which reduces extra heat in the scalp. The oil locks the moisture in the hair. 


5. Removes dandruff

If you massage your hair with sesame oil regularly at night before hitting the bed, then you will have less dandruff on your scalp. The oil prevents hair from catching dandruff while protecting it from the further growth of dandruff. 


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