Shraddha Kapoor is the QUEEN of summer hairstyles: 7 Times she sported unusual hairdos to beat the heat

Updated on Mar 29, 2021 01:57 PM IST  |  527.3K
Shraddha Kapoor is the QUEEN of summer hairstyles: 7 Times she sported unusual hairdos to beat the heat

With not just her outfits but makeup too always on point, Shraddha Kapoor has always been on our fashion radar. For events, movie promotions, red carpets and even when she has nothing planned and is just going about her day, the diva manages to make a statement. When it comes to her hair, the diva's game is strong. From braids to top knots to ponytails, Shraddha manages to give her twist to every hairstyle. And since we need rescuing from the sweltering summer months and inspiration for our hairdos, we're taking a keen look at Kapoor's hairstyles.

A simple and clean look that Shraddha sported that we love, is this braided top-knot. She pulled her hair up into a high ponytail, secured it with a scrunchie and braided the lengths of her locks. Taking this, she twisted it around the scrunchie and then further secured this with bobby pins. With some hairspray and a fine-tooth comb, the diva ensured not a strand was out of place.

If you aren't too fond of the tight top knot, improvise by just twisting your hair around and securing it at the back of your head while leaving some breathing space for your hair. Pull out a few strands from either side of your face so it frames your face well.

If buns and top knots aren't your jam, opt for high ponytails with intricate details! We love how the diva parted her hair into three sections in a zig-zag manner and braided each section separately. From the apex of her head, Shraddha pulled her entire hair up into a high ponytail making for a chic look.

Showcasing another variant of the braided ponytail look, Shraddha divided her hair into two different sections this time and pulled the rest of her locks back into a low ponytail with face-framing curtain bangs on either side left loose.

If all the above braids are too complicated for you or you're running short on time, we'd suggest a side-swept fishtail braid with face-framing side-parted curtain bangs.

For a simpler and cleaner look, we love how sophisticated Shraddha looked with her hair neatly pulled back with not a strand out of place. Her hair was styled into a fishtail braid.

Not a fan of all your hair tied up and want it left loose? Shraddha aced the half-up hairdo by styling half of her hair into a simple bun that was secured with a strand of flowers while the rest of her hair was set free.

Which of Shraddha's hairdos do you like the best? Comment below and let us know.

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Anonymous : I saw this on my google feed and couldn’t help but click on it. Her hair is so beautiful!!
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Anonymous : She is so cute
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Anonymous : I love it all. In summer when its 90°plus, its nice to put your hair up!
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