Signs of Eczema and how to combat it: Dr B.L Jangid REVEALS some Dermatologist approved methods

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Signs of Eczema and how to combat it: Dr B.L Jangid REVEALS some Dermatologist approved methods

Ever noticed your skin getting inflamed or irritated due to uncertain or unfamiliar reasons? If so, then this might be due to Eczema – a term used for a group of conditions that can cause your skin to turn itchy or inflamed, leading to having a rash-like appearance. But there's nothing to worry about as this skin disorder is completely curable. All you need to do is visit a good dermatologist and follow the instructions as prescribed. But what exactly is Eczema? 

What is Eczema?

Eczema is a non-contagious, reaction pattern that the skin produces as a result of several diseases. While the real cause is still unknown behind its occurrence, eczema is believed to begin as raised, red tiny blisters that contain a clear fluid atop elevated, red plaques. 

Signs of Eczema 

The mandatory thing to remember about eczema is that the signs and symptoms linked with it can entirely vary from person to person. This simply means that your eczema might not look the same on you as it does on another child or adult, depending upon their age. Not only this, medical professionals claim that different types of eczema might also appear differently in parts of the body at different times. 

Usually, eczema is itchy whose intensity can range from mild to moderate for many people. But unfortunately, sometimes it can also take a worse face that eventually results in the development of extremely inflamed skin. Also, sometimes the itch can get so bad that you might scratch it until it starts to bleed. This condition is usually termed as the 'Itch-scratch cycle'. 

Some of the common signs of eczema include:

  • Itching 
  • Dry, sensitive skin 
  • Inflamed, discolored skin 
  • Rough, scaly, or leathery patches of skin 
  • Crusting or oozing 
  • Swelling in different areas 

The areas infected by eczema can include the face, scalp, arms, legs, back, chest, behind the knees, neck, wrists, ankles, etc. 

Eczema: Ways to Combat It?

The sole purpose behind the treatment of eczema is to provide ease, preventing itching that can give birth to infection if not controlled on time. While talking about the treatment and ways to combat eczema, it can be broadly classified into two parts, namely – Home remedies and in severe condition, medications recommended by skin experts. 

Home Remedies 

Since eczema turns your skin itchy and dry, you can opt for certain home-based treatments like applying lotions and creams to keep it moist. Though, remember to use them when your skin is damp, like after showering for holding in moisture. Over-the-counter products like antihistamines and hydrocortisone cream can also help in this condition. 

If you're having any symptom related to Eczema, it is suggested to consult a skin specialist at the earliest before it takes a fatal form. The doctor's suggested medicines can help you control the adverse effect of eczema, thus eradicating the itching and inflammation associated with it. 

About the author: Dr B.L Jangid is a Dermatologist and Hair Transplant Surgeon, SkinQure Clinic. 

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