Skin care: 3 common mistakes to avoid that are known to damage your skin 

Want glowing skin? Stop doing these things immediately for they are doing more harm than good to your skin!
Skin care: 3 common mistakes to avoid that are known to damage your skin 
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When it comes to skin, everybody wants bright and glowing skin no matter what. The world is obsessed with skincare right now with everybody wanting to be part of the clean beauty movement. While more people are getting into beauty, they are also in some cases, following trends blindly, without seeing what kind of effect it has on the skin. This makes them make errors that degrade their skin, often without realising it. 

Read on to know the three common skincare mistakes that you too might have been making, that only deteriorate your skin quality. 


Exfoliating is one important part of skincare and needs to be done not more than twice a week. With exfoliation, the dead and flaky cells are removed from the skin, making it bright and leaving the pores clean. 

But over-exfoliation can buff away the top layer of the skin leaving it prone to pollution and dust. 

Changing products often

Yes, skincare trends are exciting to follow and try out but that does not mean you don't give your skin the time to get accustomed to a new product you have just tried on. Changing skincare products in a jiffy because of a new trend or launch only confuses your skin and makes it look and feel worse than ever. Changing too many products often, doesn't give you space to recognise what is working for your skin and what isn't. 

Skipping sunscreen 

Sunscreen is the first step to fight against skin ageing. It is also the biggest defense against it! Skipping it only leads to dark spots and fine lines on the face caused by the UV rays of the sun. 

Include it in your morning skincare routine so you never forget to step out without it!

Have you been making these mistakes? What other skincare mistakes are you guilty of? Comment below and let us know. 

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