Skin Care: ALL the ways humidity can affect your skin in the Monsoon season

Monsoon has its perks - pleasant weather, windy and cool days. However, it brings along a variety of skin issues.
Skin Care: ALL the ways humidity can affect your skin in the Monsoon seasonSkin Care: ALL the ways humidity can affect your skin in the Monsoon season
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Monsoon is a season everybody looks forward to for it comes with a lot of perks including pleasant weather, strong winds and rain - a solace from the heat! But the dark clouds also bring with them a number of skin issues. Most of these are caused by the increase in the amount of humidity and need to be dealt with equal attention, just like any other skin issues that sprout up. Read on to know the possible skin issues that could occur during this time. 

Skin Allergies 
Allergies usually sprout up because of the dust and dirt mixing with the rain and damp weather. Skin allergies can be anything from itchiness to skin peeling off from your face and back areas! 

Fungal Infections 
Increased moisture can result in common fungal issues like facial folliculitis which is the inflammation of hair follicles on the face. This forms tiny red bumps around the hair follicles. The safest way to steer clear of such an infection is by using an antiseptic healing soap and keep the skin hydrated by drinking water through the day. 

Another skin condition that gets worse with damp and moist weather is eczema. the itchiness can be caused due to the excessive moisture in the air and cause blisters on the skin. The most effective way to deal with this is by applying salt and magnesium to the affected area. 

A common fungal skin infection in the afternoon, this takes place because of excess humidity and moisture in the air. The best way to deal with it is to avoid scratching and wear natural cotton and khadi fabrics that don't hold moisture for too long.

How are you combating skin issues this monsoon? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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