Skin care: Body brushing: What it is and all you need to know about it

Also called dry brushing, it is a wellness treatment and is known to exfoliate the skin better than anything else. So what is it and should you opt for it? Read on to find out!
Skin care: Body brushing: What it is and all you need to know about itSkin care: Body brushing: What it is and all you need to know about it
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When it comes to self-care, you brush everything - your hair, your teeth and even your brows! But what about the rest of your body? Doesn't it deserve the same level of pampering? 
Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Miranda Kerr and more swear by this method to keep their skin silky smooth. So what is dry brushing, really?

It is as simple as it sounds. Dry brushing is running a coarse brush against the skin. 
Instead of a coarse-bristle brush, opt for a more natural soft brush to rub in a circular motion on your skin lightly before jumping into the shower. 
Places like the face and neck with extra-sensitive skin need to be avoided completely. 

What are the benefits of dry brushing?
Some dermatologists believe dry brushing stimulates blood flow in the skin, allowing every part of the skin to get fresh blood. 

Dry brushing also helps in exfoliation. It helps in getting rid of dead skin cells, dirt on the skin, removing ingrown hair, etc. 

Regular dry brushing has also been known to reduce the appearance of cellulite. 

What are the precautions to take while body brushing?
While it is normal to get excited and scrub the skin, it is important to take note and not be harsh on it. Your skin should not be red and scratched after dry brushing. 

Once you are done dry brushing your entire body, use a mild body cleanser in the shower. Skip on any other kind of exfoliation after dry brushing. 

Once you are out of the shower, ensure you moisturise your skin well for it is devoid of moisture since it has been scrubbed and washed off with hot water. 

People with sensitive and dry skin should avoid dry brushing as it might aggravate the skin. 

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