Skin care: Moroccan beauty secrets and rituals that ensure GLOWING skin 

Want an effortless radiance and even, bright complexion? Turn to these ingredients Moroccan women swear by!
Skin care: Moroccan beauty secrets and rituals that ensure GLOWING skin Skin care: Moroccan beauty secrets and rituals that ensure GLOWING skin 
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Moroccans have been known to use natural products to beautify themselves and also ensure their skin and hair is in its best form. Morocco is a place that is not only known for its wonderful landscapes that give people 'wanderlust' ideas, but also for their wonderful oil that does wonders for both skin and hair. They are also known for their 'hammams' or bathhouses where they deep-cleanse, exfoliate their skin and get other body and skin treatments done that ensures their skin is in its best health. Some of their go-to beauty rituals for their skin include:

Rose oil and Rose water
The locals prepare rose water by crushing, steaming and distilling the rose petals to create oil and water vapour. They then use both to cleanse and hydrate theirs skin, soothe it and tone it. It also works as a serum and makeup remover! Rose water also helps in dealing with acne. 

To cover up white hair and also nourish their hair, Moroccan women swear by Henna, that is incredibly popular here as well! They also include Henna in their bathing rituals and scrub their skin and hair with it before rinsing off. It leaves the skin feeling soft and hair shiny.

Beldi Soap
This Moroccan soap has high alkalie content and a gel-like consistency. It is usually made from olive oil and macerated olives and is used to cleanse, moisturise and exfoliate the skin with the help of a coarse fabric or wash-cloth. 

Ghassoul Clay
This is a natural mineral clay that is mined from the Atlas mountains and Moroccan women use this extensively in their hammam rituals. They leave it on their skin for around 15 minutes before washing off for it has zinc, magnesium, phosophorous and silicon, that help in adding vitamins to the skin and leaving it plump and moisturised. This is also an excellent ingredient for dry and oily hair! 

Are you going to imbibe these rituals in your skin care routine as well? Comment below and let us know.

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