Skin Care: Oily skin weighing you down? Here are all the food items to avoid and include in your diet

Oily skin can cause pimples, acne and other skin issues. Read below to find out which food items you should avoid and which items you should include in your diet to get rid of oily skin.
Skin Care: Oily skin weighing you down? Here are all the food items to avoid and include in your dietSkin Care: Oily skin weighing you down? Here are all the food items to avoid and include in your diet
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When it comes to skin regime, all of us follow a good beauty regime to maintain the health of our skin. Be it using branded cosmetics or applying homemade scrubs at home, we make it a point to maintain the glow and radiance of our skin. But at times, in spite of doing all this, our skin still ends up looking dull, dry and lifeless. It happens because our skin not only requires the nourishment from outside, but it also requires nourishment from inside. Food that we eat, a lifestyle that we follow also plays a key role to maintain the health of our skin. 


If you don't control your eating habits, no good can come out of it. We need to realise that we put on our plate that plays an important role in the way we look and feel. Read below to find out which food items make your skin and dull and oily look. Avoiding these food items can help you achieve glowing skin. After all, your skin is a direct reflection of how your healthy your body is. 


Fried foods:


Fried, in general, is not food for your body. It not only makes you feel lethargic but also aids to weight gain and cholesterol. Try to limit the intake of deep-fried samosas and pakoras. It's difficult to stop it instantly so just reduce the intake and with time avoid consuming it. These food items wreak havoc on our skin health. 


Refined Grains:


Bread, cakes, pasta, pancakes and cookies can cause oiliness in the skin. And greasy skin further leads to pimples, acne and problematic skin. Refined grains lose fibre and other nutrients during processing they have a high glycemic index that impacts your blood sugar. Replace your refined grains with wholewheat products, popcorn, quinoa and brown rice.


Processed foods:


Avoiding processed foods and meat is not only good for your health but also works wonders for your skin. These food items can cause greasy skin and initiate acne and pimples. Eat fresh cuts and lean meats instead. 


Include these food items instead




Plum, when mashed and rubbed on the skin, can help to reduce oiliness. Being slightly acidic, you will find when rubbed on the skin they work very effectively by making the skin pores shrink and clarifying the complexion.


Raw food:


Including fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits in your diet works wonders on your skin. Peaches, plums, jamun, mangoes, melons and cucumbers should be a part of your daily intake. Citrus is a great way of reducing oiliness in your skin. Eating 2 oranges a day is great for your skin too. 


Mint scrub:


Now this is not something that you can consume, but this is something that you need to apply on your face. Take 2 tsp red masoor powder and 2 tsp fresh mint paste. Add little rose water and scrub the skin gently with this daily. You will see a difference in the oiliness on the surface of the skin, and your skin will glow and look luminous. 


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