Skin Care Tips: THESE are some realistic beauty resolutions that you should take in 2020

Planning to take skin care routine seriously this year? If yes, then read below to find out some beauty tips that you should follow this year to achieve a healthy and glowing skin.
Skin Care Tips: THESE are some realistic beauty resolutions that you should take in 2020 Skin Care Tips: THESE are some realistic beauty resolutions that you should take in 2020
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New Year 2020 is here and it's time to make some beauty goals that you'll be able to follow throughout the year. Making unrealistic goals and not following them does no good for anyone. Especially when it comes to skincare and beauty always do things that you know are doable from your end and not because they are trending somewhere. Following a simple night routine is enough, and you don't need to set unrealistic goals like Korean skincare routine to achieve good healthy skin.


So, if you are passionate about skincare and beauty but don't want to do anything tedious, then these small realistic tasks will motivate you into becoming a more informed, disciplined and smart beautiful woman.


So read below to find out what beauty tips and resolutions you should take in 2020 to be a better you. 


Clean makeup brushes:


You need to make this a priority right away. Make hygiene a priority in 2020 and once a week, remove a few minutes to clean your makeup brushes. Add some cleanser in a bowl and add some warm water and baby oil to it. Place the brushes in the bowl for a minute and rub the bristles against your palm or a brush cleansing mat. Place the brushes on a dry towel and leave them to air dry. 


Make sunscreen mandatory:


Toner, primer, the foundation is all right, but sunscreen should always be a priority. Avoid stepping out of your home without wearing sunscreen as the harsh rays can damage your skin. Try to apply sunscreen throughout the day within the gaps of 5 hours. 


Sleep on time:


Yes, you want to finish watching your favourite show or talk a little more with your pals,  but that's not going to make your skin happy. The more rest you get, the more energised you feel in the morning. A good night's sleep always adds more radiance and charm to your face. 


Don't use beauty apps:


THIS is the most important thing. You can't be perfect, no one is perfect. If you have freckles, own it. If you have baby fat, own that too! Embrace who you are regardless of the colour you're born with or the scars you have on your body- they are things that make you! 


Less is always more:


Don't apply too much makeup because you think it's looking too light. Makeup is used to emphasise your existing features and not to make it look funny. And the less product you put on your face, the more breathing time you're giving your skin.

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