Skin feeling extremely dry? Here are all the ways to keep your skin moisturised and glowing this winter

Winter is just around the corner and here are all the ways you can protect your skin from getting dry. Check it out
Skin feeling extremely dry? Here are all the ways to keep your skin moisturised and glowing this winter
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Winter is coming (pun intended!) and as much as this dialogue speaks for itself, you know that it's bound to take a toll on your skin. If you're living in colder places, you know that it's already sweater weather which means it's the right time to start your winter skincare. If your skin is starting to get dry just like us, you've come to the right place because we literally have everything you need! 

Here are a few skincare tips you need to keep in mind to have a skin-friendly winter: 

1. Exfoliate: 

Scrubbing off the dead skin already accumulated on the skin is of utmost importance. Otherwise, when mixed with the dirt and natural oils, it will start clogging your pores. You can use sugar and honey in equal parts as a natural exfoliator to get rid of all the dry and dead skin. 

2. Limit your shower time: 

Showers are the first and foremost place where your skin is ripped off of its natural oils. Make sure to limit your shower time to a minimum so that the hot or cold water does not open up the pores and leave it dry. As an added tip here, if you are prone to dry skin, make sure to apply coconut oil before you shower. This will ensure that the coconut oil is ripped off the skin instead of the natural oils. 

3. Moisturise: 

Once you take a bath, moisturise your skin immediately. Letting the cold air touch the skin directly will only end up drying it more. Make sure to apply the moisturiser in the humid shower air so your skin does not dry up like a dessert. 

4. Face packs or masks: 

If your skin is extremely dry even after doing all this, use body masks and face packs to keep it moisturised. Stick to moisturising ingredients like yoghurt, coconut oil, honey, olive oil and Vitamin E. These will not end up drying your skin. 

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Anonymous 2 months ago

Use chemical exfoliating or simply just use a warm towel and rub it gently because these scrubs cause micro tears