Skin icing: What it is and how helpful it is to the skin?

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Skin icing: What it is and how helpful it is to the skin?

Skin icing is a trend that has been in the beauty industry for a while. Not just common folk, celebrities and influencers too swear by this trend for a quick fix to attain flawless skin. But what is skin icing?
To say it as easily as we can, it is nothing but rubbing ice cubes on the skin, if not for ice cubes, you can replace this with a cold ice pack and comes with multiple benefits. 

The advantages of skin icing include:
Toning of skin 
Rubbing ice on the skin helps in improving muscle operations. It also clears out the skin and closes the open pores, therefore reducing the chances of blackheads and pimples. 

Reduces inflammation 
Skin gets inflamed when there is too much heat bring projected from the body. Icing helps in reducing inflammation, cooling down swellings and reduces overall puffiness of the skin. 

Reduces dark circles 
To upgrade your ice, just add a dash of cucumber juice and rose water to it and freeze this. Use these ice cubes below your eyes to reduce puffiness, dark circles and pigmentation. These ingredients also contribute to glowing skin so using it all over your face also helps. 

Delays signs of ageing 
Fine lines and wrinkles are the biggest signs of ageing that can be spotted early on. Skin icing helps in hydrating the skin, leaving it smooth and blemish-free while also delaying the appearance of fine lines by keeping the skin hydrated and fresh. 

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