Skin toner? Check out the top 16 skin toners to boost your glam factor right away

Wish to indulge into an intensive skincare regime? After picking the best cleansers and face wash, snag the best skin toner. A toner has become a must-have skincare product with the increase in the levels of environmental pollutants harming the skin. To keep acne issues, oiliness, itchiness, rashes and sun damage at bay, try your hands on a skin toner today itself.

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Skin toner? Check out the top 16 skin toners to boost your glam factor right away
Skin toner? Check out the top 16 skin toners to boost your glam factor right away
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A skin toner has become a need of the female audience who wish for a clearer, healthy and scar-free skin. You can seek the help of a skin toner during the day as well as add it to your nighttime skincare routine. With the increase in healthy and gluten free food products, vegan and cruelty free skincare brands are too running the race to satisfy the requirements of billions of female audiences. The best skincare brands in India are also introducing skin toners keeping in mind the skin type of every ordinary woman. 

Our top picks of skin toner 

1. Cetaphil Bright Healthy Radiance Refresh Toner- Buy Now

2. Klairs Supple Preparation Unscented Toner- Buy Now

3. Dot & Key Rice Water Probiotics Hydrating Toner- Buy Now

4. Plum Green Tea Alcohol Free Toner- Buy Now

5. HOUSE OF BEAUTY Tea Tree and Avocado Toner- Buy Now

6. L'Oreal Paris Fine Flowers Cleansing Toner- Buy Now

7. O3+ Derma Cult Glycolic Acid Toner- Buy Now

8. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Clear Lotion- Buy Now

9. Nivea Daily Essentials Refreshing Toner- Buy Now

10. Saturn by GHC PHA Toner for Face- Buy Now

Do you wish to sink into the goodness of the best skin toner for your skin? We have brought to you all types of toners that will suit your skin and help you boost your glam factor with minimal efforts. Let’s get the shopping spree started. 

In this article

1. Daytime skincare routine 

2. What is a toner? 

3. How to use toner? 

4. Skin toners

- Best toners for glowing skin

- Toners for oily skin

- Toners for dry skin

- Toners for normal skin

Before you kickstart your shopping haul, make sure you know the skincare routine to be followed in your day to day life. To ensure your skin is nourished deeply and packed with all the necessary ingredients, we have jotted down the unmissable 7 step daytime skincare routine. Click on each of them and add them to the cart without much thought. Today, nobody is going to stop you from pampering your skin with the most vital skincare products at your hands. 

Daytime skincare routine 

Here are the 7 steps that you must follow for a 100 percent intensive skincare regimen before beginning your day under the sun. 

Step 1: Best pore cleansers

Step 2: Fash wash 

Step 3: TONER

Step 4: Best Vitamin C Serums

Step 5: Under eye dark circle removal cream

Step 6: Moisturisers 

Step 7: Gel based sunscreen

After following these steps, we are sure your skin needs nothing else. You must be familiar with cleansers and face washes, but do you know what a toner is and its benefits? Scroll down and check everything that you need to know about the “Step 3: TONER”. 

What is a toner? 

A toner is a serum-like skincare product. It is a watery based solution that you are supposed to spray or damp your face with. Toners are usually made up from skin benefiting natural ingredients and acids. This fast penetrating liquid shrinks open pores, tightens your skin, fights acne, reduces blemishes and uneven skin tone. A skin toner is usually enriched with Vitamins, glycerin, amino acid, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid. 

How to use toner? 

Using the toner is no rocket science. It is just like normal water that you splash on your face. But instead of wiping it out, you need to hold on for seconds and let the skin absorb the liquid formulation naturally. The bottle of the toner will also highlight the method of toning. However, the below are the common steps of toning or using a toner during the day and at night. 

1. Pour the toner on a cotton pad if your toner does not come in a spraying bottle. If your toner is a spray bottle, spray the toner on your face and neck. 

2. Swipe it all over your face and neck evenly. 

3. Let your skin absorb the toner naturally.

4. Follow it with a serum or moisturiser. 

These four steps are the most common steps of toning that you need to follow right after cleansing. Since you have made yourself aware of everything that you need to do with a toner in your hand, let’s start snagging the best skin toner without much ado. 

Skin toners

To make your purchasing decision better and offer a personalised shopping experience, we have curated the products according to your skin type which are as follows: 

A. Best toners for glowing skin

B. Toners for oily skin

C. Toners for dry skin

D. Toners for normal skin

Analyse your skin type and swipe the most ideal one to your cart right away. 

A. Best toners for glowing skin

1. Cetaphil Bright Healthy Radiance Refresh Toner

This skin toner brightens and evens skin tone within 4 weeks of usage. It does not cause any skin irritation or weakens the protective shields of the skin. It illuminated skin complexion by fading away the dullness. It revitalises your skin and makes it soft and supple. 

Why Cetaphil Bright Healthy Radiance Refresh Toner? 

This skin toner prevents dryness for up to 8 hours with its hydrating ingredients. It contains natural sea daffodil extract, Vitamin B and niacinamide that helps to attain a glowing skin. The gentle formula quickly penetrated into the skin without making your skin greasy or sticky. 


Price: Rs. 950

Deal: Rs. 897

Buy Now

2. Klairs Supple Preparation Unscented Toner

 Klairs Supple Preparation Unscented Toner is an essential oil-free toner that has a light texture and quick absorbing ability. It moisturises your skin deeply and a must have for those who prefer unscented toners for daily use. The serum-like texture is curated without any use of harsh ingredients. 

Why Klairs Supple Preparation Unscented Toner? 

This toner is suitable for oily, combination and especially sensitive skin. This toner works like magic especially when your skin is more prone to pimples. It reduces irritation and the size of your pimple. The toner soaks into your skin faster and gives it an even toned effect.


Price: Rs. 1,430

Deal: Rs. 1,230

Buy Now

3. Dot & Key Rice Water Probiotics Hydrating Toner

This toner effectively balances your skin’s pH level. It hydrates your thirsty skin. In addition, this toner shrinks the appearance of the pores and strengthens the microbiome barrier. This toner results in clean, hydrated and healthy looking skin. 

Why Dot & Key Rice Water Probiotics Hydrating Toner? 

This toner has a non-sticky formula with no added fragrance. It clarifies the skin from dirt, dust and grime. It gives you a refreshing and dewy radiance. It gently exfoliates your skin, evens skin tone and minimises the appearance of pores. 


Price: Rs. 595

Buy Now

4. The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Toner

This purifying toner is infused with potent tea tree oil that helps to clear oiliness, blemishes and swipe away all the blemishes. It leaves your skin refreshed and purified. It controls the oil secreted by your skin without stripping your skin’s essential moisture.

Why The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Toner? 

This toner is an excellent solution for curbing pimples. If your skin comes across any sprouting acne then this toner will reduce its effect right after application. With 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon, this toner is all that you need for a top notch skin care routine. 


Price: Rs. 795

Buy Now

B. Toners for oily skin 

1. Plum Green Tea Alcohol Free Toner

This toner is suitable for oily and acne prone skin. It comes with a cleansing face wash to help you fight against acne and acne marks. The toner is enriched with green tea extracts that is indeed the best anti-oxidant for your skin. 

Why Plum Green Tea Alcohol Free Toner? 

This toner helps in controlling sebum production making your skin acne-free. It brightens your skin and exfoliates dead skin cells. Ingredients like green tea extracts, glycolic acid and glycerin makes the toner a must have. 


Price: Rs. 735

Deal: Rs. 624

Buy Now

2. HOUSE OF BEAUTY Tea Tree and Avocado Toner

This toner is a rich source of Vitamin E that is essential for boosting the radiance of oily skin. The toner is also a pH balancer that helps in absorption of serums and oils. It is curated from natural ingredients that helps in closing the opened pores. 

Why HOUSE OF BEAUTY Tea Tree and Avocado Toner? 

This toner is completely chemical free and infused with tea tree oil and avocado. The goodness of Vitamin E makes this toner a highly beneficial skincare product. 


Price: Rs. 699

Deal: Rs. 559

Buy Now

3. PERENNE Clarifying Oil Control Toner

This PERENNE Clarifying Oil Control Toner has antibacterial properties for healing acne. It minimises pores and controls the natural sebum of your face. This toner also reduces blackheads and whiteheads. It also balances pH levels. 

Why PERENNE Clarifying Oil Control Toner?

This toner is crafted for those possessing acne and oily skin. It gently removes impurities and tightens your skin. It is infused with willow bark extracts, tea tree oil and rosa centifolia extracts. This toner reduces inflammation and clears up blemishes. 


Price: Rs. 900

Deal: Rs. 850

Buy Now

4. Just Herbs Ayurvedic Pomegranate Alcohol Free Facial Toner 

This toner is a pore tightening toner that will help you deal with oily and combination skin. Pomegranate being the hero ingredient helps in cellular regeneration. In addition to pomegranate, it also contains tulsi and oranges. 

Why Just Herbs Ayurvedic Pomegrante Alcohol Free Facial Toner? 

This toner contains skin nourishing agents and helps to unclog pores. It tones the skin and amps up your natural radiance. 


Price: Rs. 545

Buy Now

C. Toners for dry skin

1. L'Oreal Paris Fine Flowers Cleansing Toner

This toner crafted for dry skin contains two skin benefiting ingredients namely rose and jasmine. Rose is known for its soothing properties whereas jasmine is renowned for protecting and moisturising properties. 

Why L'Oreal Paris Fine Flowers Cleansing Toner? 

If you wish to attain a perfectly cleansed complexion, then this toner will be your go-to skincare product. It has a light texture that gives you a comfortable feel throughout the day. 


Price: Rs. 1,500

Deal: Rs. 749

Buy Now

2. O3+ Derma Cult Glycolic Acid Toner

This toner is a gentle exfoliant that reduces imperfections. It serves you with a healthier skin and instant glow. It controls excess oil production and improves skin elasticity. This toner gently exfoliates the skin and minimises pores. 

Why O3+ Derma Cult Glycolic Acid Toner?

This toner is suitable for all types of skin. It provides instant lightening and brightening skin. It contains Glycolic acid which is a potent ingredient that hydrates the skin. In addition it also provides plumper and firmer skin. 


Price: Rs. 699

Deal: Rs. 629

Buy Now

3. Blue Nectar Rose Water Spray for Face

This toner is a pure rose face toner for glowing skin. It is an alcohol free face mist that cleanses and hydrates your skin. The soothing aroma of the toner will also refresh your mind amidst your intensive skincare regime. 

Why Blue Nectar Rose Water Spray for Face? 

This toner is known for removing dust particles, dirt, dead skin cells, excess oil and other pollutants to revive the dull skin. The real roses helps in creating a luminous appearance of skin by acting against open pores, fine lines and wrinkles.


Price: Rs. 695

Deal: Rs. 521

Buy Now

4. Juicy Chemistry Rose Water Face Toner 

This toner promotes even skin tone and improves skin’s brightness. It is ideal for all skin types and even those possessing pigmented skin. It targets uneven skin tones, excess oil, open and clogged pores, dull and dehydrated skin.

Why Juicy Chemistry Rose Water Face Toner? 

This toner is naturally rich in phenols and damask rose. It improves skin’s ability to retain moisture and prepares skin for the following skincare steps. The toner also has strong astringent properties that offer so much more to your dull skin. 


Price: Rs. 650

Deal: Rs. 585

Buy Now

D. Toners for normal skin

1. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Clear Lotion

This toner is a hydrating toner that repairs skin barriers damaged by environmental pollutants. It provides your skin with a shower of fresh hydration and refines it immediately.

Why Neutrogena Hydro Boost Clear Lotion? 

This toner is one such power packed skin toner that helps in achieving 5 dimensions of ideal healthy skin i.e hydrated, luminous, bouncy, firm and smooth. It effectively replenishes moisture and helps you attain a glowing skin. 


Price: Rs. 950

Deal: Rs. 855

Buy Now

2. Nivea Daily Essentials Refreshing Toner

This Nivea Daily Essentials Refreshing Toner is enriched with Vitamin E. The toner helps your skin to maintain its natural moisture. The mild and refreshing formula of the toner will boost the glam factor of your skin seamlessly. 

Why Nivea Daily Essentials Refreshing Toner? 

This toner has managed to make its space in the skincare regime of the majority of the females. With a 5 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon, this toner will do wonders to your skin. 


Price: Rs. 850

Deal: Rs. 697

Buy Now

3. Saturn by GHC PHA Toner for Face

This toner is a niacinamide face toner for women with powerful ingredients to brighten your skin. It tightens and unclog pores with four hero ingredients namely niacinamide, PHA, amino acid and hyaluronic acid. This toner protects your skin from free radical damage and reduces the signs of aging. 

Why Saturn by GHC PHA Toner for Face? 

This toner helps in reducing the pore size, fights acne, cleanses the skin and balances the skin’s natural PH level. It is the best toner for refreshing and soothing the skin. 


Price: Rs. 499

Deal: Rs. 449

Buy Now

4. Mamaearth Vitamin C Intense Glow Combo

This glow combo contains Vitamin C face toner and skin illuminate face serum. It is suitable for all skin types. This toner comes with Vitamin C as its strong antioxidant that not only combats dark spots but also helps in preventing melanin production. In addition, it also reduces and reverses hyperpigmentation. 

Why Mamaearth Vitamin C Intense Glow Combo? 

This toner will give your skin a luminous glow that you have been yearning for since long. It also firms and reduces fine lines. With 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon, this toner leaves no space for complaints. 


Price: Rs. 998

Deal: Rs. 797

Buy Now

With these skin toners lying in your skincare kitty, you will drool over your own beauty. It is not only an essential to pamper your skin intensively but also a solution to tighten, soften and clarify your skin. A skin toner comes with plenty of skin benefiting ingredients that deliver accurate results if used in a correct and consistent manner. A toner is an AM to PM go-to skincare essential that will enhance your skin’s texture and amplify your skin’s luminous look.


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1. Is toner necessary?
Yes. A toner is the third important skincare step right after cleansing and using a face wash. It shrinks open pores and offers utmost hydration. It hydrates your skin and leaves it nourished and scar free.

2. What are the benefits of skin toner?
A toner is a serum-like skincare product that penetrates into your skin and helps you boost your glam factor. It also strengthens your skin barriers to fight against acne, fine lines, wrinkles and other environmental pollutants.

3. How to apply skin toner?
The application technique depends upon the bottle of the toner. If your bottle features a spray then spray it onto your face with closed eyes. If your toner is like a normal bottle, pour a little quantity on a cotton pad and swipe it on the face and neck.

4. How to pick a suitable toner for your skin?
Always analyse your skin tone, type, texture, quality and keep a count of the allergic ingredients that your skin must have encountered. Pick a skin toner meant for your skin type, check the ingredients, read the feedback for 100 percent assurance.

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