Skincare: 3 easy and fuss free ways to prevent pesky maskne

Looking for a way to deal with acne caused by masks? Here’s what you can do
Skincare: 3 easy and fuss free ways to prevent pesky maskne Skincare: 3 easy and fuss free ways to prevent pesky maskne
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If you didn’t already know, acne caused by face shields and masks is a real problem. As if it wasn’t already difficult to deal with normal pimples and acne that there’s one more addition to this pesky family. Mask acne also called maskne is caused due to the trapped humidity inside the mask that leads to clogged pores when mixed with sweat and the oily layer of the skin. If you though your pimple was a normal one, you could just rethink whether the culprit behind it is your mask. Now, like we all know, there’s no chance that you can ditch your mask, but you can always take care of your skin to prevent the acne in the first place. 

1. Exfoliate

You do not want to jump in the pool of maskne all by yourself. Make sure to have an exfoliating routine in place to get rid of anything - dead skin cells, dirt, excess oils, etc. that end up clogging the pores. Preventing it from its inception is the perfect thing to do. 

2. Skip on heavy moisturisers and serums

Another way to clog the pores is to add layers of creams and serums that leave less of no place for the skin to breathe. When mixed with humidity inside the mask, these heavy formulas block the pores making it prone to acne. Skip your serums in the day and opt for a toner that tightens the skin and shuts the pores. If you have dry skin, follow it up with a light-weight moisturiser.

3. Say NO to makeup

The makeup of all kinds - cream and powder can all end up clogging the pores. Makeup and mask is the perfect recipe for disaster. So, for at least a few months, resort to keeping your makeup just for your eyes and keep heavy foundations and creams. 

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Anonymous 5 months ago

Moisturizer don’t cause acne unless it is a really bad one in fact you need a good moisturizer so your face doesn’t strip from the cold and a good thick one should perfect but the like nivea should not be used