Skincare: 3 unusual and offbeat ways to get glowing skin of your dreams

Updated on May 30, 2020 11:07 PM IST  |  1.7M
Skincare: 3 unusual and offbeat ways to get glowing skin of your dreams
Skincare: 3 unusual and offbeat ways to get glowing skin of your dreams

We all have beauty regimens that work for us immensely. However, we’re always looking for ways to up our skincare game even though if it requires us to try some of the weirdest and offbeat ways. While we’re not going all out with this and trying out snail serums and bee venom, we’re definitely stepping out of our comfort zones to take a step forward for glowing skin. Here are some of the offbeat ways to do so



One of the most popular hacks to get glowing skin, celebrities are often known to dunk their faces into a bowl of ice right before they hit the carpet. Ice reduces puffiness and tones the skin like nothing else. The coldness also helps in dealing with frustrated acne-prone skin. It also brings all the blood to the skin making it red and glowing. Hello there, blushed glow!


Weird, isn’t it? Well, the workout glow is definitely real!


Sweat often has a bad reputation for causing breakouts but, to be honest here, it’s probably the routine you follow after the workout that causes acne. Sweat is released when the body is charged up. You’ll have sweat coming out of every pore which also brings out all the impurities and bacteria from the lower layers of the skin, in turn, making your skin glow. 

PRO TIP: To prevent acne after a workout, wash the face immediately so the sweat does not clog the pores. Tone and moisturise regularly.



Ladies and gents, this is more of an everyday thing you can follow.. While applying your moisturiser make sure to massage it into your skin using your knuckles. This is the main reason why your skin glows after a facial - its the power of knuckles. Rub your moisturiser in a circular motion. This stimulates blood flow and making sure every corner of your face gets the nutrients. 

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