Skincare: 8 beauty tips to get rid of dry and flaky skin

When the skin is unable to retain its moisture, it gets dry and flaky. Here are 8 beauty tips to keep it moisturised, soft and supple.
Skincare: 8 beauty tips to get rid of dry and flaky skin Skincare: 8 beauty tips to get rid of dry and flaky skin
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Dry skin can be a bane for everyone as the skin starts to lose its moisture and no matter how much we try, it still remains flaky. Now, you can get a dry patch when it’s too cold, this depends upon the season and how the skin reacts to the moisture content in the atmosphere. But, there are some people who have dry skin throughout the year. This can be an effect of genes aka a hereditary effect or a side-effect to a medicine that you consume. Excessive heat and pollution can also affect the skin making it dry. Now, apart from these reasons, there’s a great chance that you do a certain things wrong that cause the dryness. Find them out and combat it with these easy beauty tips:

1. Shower Care:

One of the major reasons behind dry skin is an improper way to shower. Hot water and excessive soap can strip the moisture of the skin making it prone to dryness. It removes all the natural oils from the skin and over a period of time, it just starts getting excessively dry and flaky.

Pro Tip: You can rub yourself with coconut oil before a shower to avoid stripping the skin of its natural oils. 

2. After-shower tips:

After a shower, avoid rubbing yourself with a towel. Instead, just gently pat your skin dry. This will avoid stripping the skin of its natural moisture and oils.

3. Moisturise:

Now, moisturising dry skin is not a tip you’ll be surprised of. But, we’re here to teach you the right way to moisturise. After a shower, moisturise the skin quickly. Now, a moisturiser adds a bit of oil to the skin, but its main job is to lock the natural oils of the skin in. It keeps the moisture trapped which over a period of time helps in getting soft and supple skin.

4. Exfoliate:

When you have dry, flaky skin, the pores try their best to retain the moisture by compensating for the lost oils. Now, in order to do this, the pores of the skin remain open which makes it prone to attracting dirt and gunk. When the dirt, gunk and dry skin cells clog the pores, pimples tend to pop making the skin acne-prone. 

5. Treat dry hands and feet:

One hack that immensely works for me is using Vitamin E capsules on dry hands and feet. I just mix a few capsules with my moisturiser and apply it as an overnight treatment. The hands are usually better compared to the dry feet. So, just squeeze in a few Vitamin E capsules and mix it with a moisturiser of your choice. Apply it on your dry feet and cover it with socks. Leaving this on overnight helps in retaining the moisture making the feet soft and supple. As an added bonus, the Vitamin E oil helps in getting rid off any dark patches and hyperpigmented areas on the skin.

6. Avoid anti-ageing products:

Retinoids and AHA’s are known to be very irritating on dry skin. If your skin is prone to dryness, avoiding anti-ageing products all together might just help.

7. Make sunscreen your best friend:

When you have dry skin, it is already prone to getting wrinkles and showing signs of ageing. Now, you do not want to worsen the condition by letting the harmful UV rays affect the skin. Using a sunblock helps in avoiding any effects caused by the harmful UV rays.

8. Visit a dermatologist:

If you have dry skin in spite of taking precautions and using remedies, it is time to visit the dermat. Sometimes using topical treatments are not very beneficial and there are certain oil medications that only doctors can provide based on your condition. 

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Anonymous 12 months ago

How can I look younger because I have dry skin and I look older than I am.