Skincare application mistakes that might cause premature ageing!

The way you apply products is as important as what you apply. Here’s a lowdown.
Skincare application mistakes that might cause premature ageing!
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Ageing is a natural process and it occurs over time. There is nothing like reversing the effects of ageing or making signs of ageing disappear. When you apply anti-ageing products, it slows down the process. But you could be accelerating the process with some skincare mistakes that you might be making. These mistakes could be using the wrong products or using the wrong technique or skipping steps. Today we will talk about the latter. 

The application is as important as the products you apply. We’ve figured out a couple of things that will adversely affect your skin in the long run but that also accelerate the ageing process. Here’s what you need to stop doing. 

Wiping your makeup off

If you have makeup on, you need to first break it down before you take it off your face. Now in a pinch, we understand you take a wipe and just completely take it off. But on regular days, you need to first break the makeup down. Our favourite method is the double cleanse of course. Use an oil-based cleansing balm to lift your makeup off and emulsify and then follow through with a gentle cleansing wash to completely take it all off. If you don’t want to do a double cleanse, then take some water and apply it on your face, let it sit. Follow through with a cleanser and slowly break your makeup down. In a circular motion, keep massaging till all of your makeup is dispersed and THEN wash it off. 


Yes, this is a thing. We all love the feeling of our skin after a good scrub. All the fuzz and dead skin is taken off and you are left with really soft skin. This is great and we sometimes want more of it. Exfoliating your skin more, over and over again is basically putting already highly sensitive skin through trauma. You are drying the skin out even more, almost bruising the skin and opening up your pores. This will cause premature ageing because of the dust that will settle into the fine lines making it look deeper. So no exfoliation more than once a week, or maybe twice. Also, the exfoliation needs to be done gently with either a silicone scrubbing pad or your fingertips in a circular motion. Intense back and forth rubbing actions will only make it worse. 

Dragging your skin down

Now, this one seems like a no-brainer but a lot of us subconsciously are STILL doing this. While applying your products, using micellar water and even toner, we are applying things in a downward direction, dragging our skin down. The older we get the ability of the skin to bounce back to its original state. So now instead of being on auto-pilot while doing your skincare routine, be mindful and always apply things in an upward motion. 

While we are talking about this the usual suspects need to be mentioned, so please do not sleep with makeup on, always apply all products on your neck and hands and include eye cream in your daily routine. 

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Anonymous 3 months ago

And using apricott and coffee cause it too and you guys still recommend it