Skincare: Avoid wearing makeup in THESE situations

There's nothing wrong with wearing makeup but in some situations, it's important to protect your skin and keep it healthy and prevent skin problems.
Skincare: Avoid wearing makeup in THESE situations
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We all love wearing some makeup and we love hitting stores to stock up on our favourite makeup products. We love putting on our favourite shade of lipstick or just playing around with shades and putting on some mascara to make our lashes look more prominent and enhance our eyes with that winged liner. Most people think it's a shallow thing to do but for a lot of women, makeup is an art and it's a way to enhance their features and it helps them feel more confident and pretty. Makeup is a creative way of expressing ourselves and we love it but it's not always a good idea to wear makeup. We're not telling when and where and how much makeup you should wear but it's also important to know when you shouldn't wear makeup because sometimes wearing makeup can damage your skin as well. We do love makeup but don't love it more than our skin and it's essential that we prevent any skin damage and keep our skin healthy and radiant even if it's at the cost of not wearing makeup on certain occasions.


Here are some situations when you should not wear makeup.

1. Avoid wearing makeup when you're hitting the gym. We tend to sweat a lot when we are in the gym and wearing loads of makeup can be a problem as it won't allow our sweat to come out and clog our pores in turn and lead to skin problems like acne and breakouts and infections.

2. Avoid wearing makeup right after swimming or coming out of a hot shower. The chlorine in the pool can be harmful to our skin and it's important to cleanse your skin properly before you apply makeup and at the same time, a hot shower causes our pores to open up and cleansing our water with cold water and toner and closing up the pores before we apply makeup can damage our skin.

3. If you're dealing with acne or a breakout, it's always good to avoid makeup and keep your skin clean. Most women try to conceal their acne or pimples but this can actually make things much worse for your skin and elevate the problem and it can also lead to more frequent breakout or spread the breakout as you end up using the same makeup tool or touch the acne or pimple while covering it with makeup and makeup can also inflame the pimple or acne.

4. Avoid wearing makeup when you go on a cleaning spree. When you clean your home your skin comes in contact with loads of dust, dirt and germs and when you wear makeup it add extra layers on your skin which leads to product buildup and irritates your skin and clogs your pores and causes skin problems. 

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