Skincare: Did you know that your sleeping position can take a toll on your skin?

Your sleeping position can be responsible for a lot of things including puffiness, wrinkles and acne. Find out how
Skincare: Did you know that your sleeping position can take a toll on your skin?
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When it comes to skincare every little count. These days all of us have become more attentive towards what works for our skin and what doesn't. We often make a lot of fuss about how our skincare products are reacting to the skin and forget about all the various factors that could be leading to clogged pores, wrinkles and a lot more. One of the major parts of our days is consumed by sleep. In the 8 hours you sleep, your skin is constantly healing itself and making the most of the skincare ingredients provided to it. 

Now, when you spend hours sleeping, it is important to sleep the right way to avoid any skincare issues. 

Sleeping on your stomach

Sleeping on your stomach lets you bury your entire face on to the pillow. This is the worst position for the skin as you do not let it breathe even for a second. Not only that, all the skincare products have been absorbed by the pillowcase and when used daily, it mixes with the bacteria and dirt. So when you put your face on the same pillow the next day, you're bound to develop pimples. Other than that, even gravity plays an important role in skincare. When you put your face down, all the fluids get accumulated in the face resulting in you waking up with a puffy face. 

Sleeping on the side

This position is not as bad as sleeping on your back. Sleeping on the side can still result in the spreading of bacteria through your pillowcase. It also results in smushing your face on one side that could create wrinkles when done for long. Adding to it, when you only sleep on one side for most days, you're bound to change the symmetry of your face resulting in flatter cheeks. 

Sleeping on your back

Sleeping on your back is the most ideal position. Elevating your head at least 20-30° will make sure no fluid is accumulated. Plus it does not touch any pillowcases, so even the spread of bacteria is avoided. No skincare products get rubbed off on the sheets instead all of it can be absorbed over the night. 

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