Skincare: Does your skin feel irritated? Here are a few tips to combat the issue

If your skin is prone to flare-ups and often feel irritated, here are a few tips to keep in mind. Check it out
Skincare: Does your skin feel irritated? Here are a few tips to combat the issue Skincare: Does your skin feel irritated? Here are a few tips to combat the issue
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Irritated skin is an issue a lot of us face and there are various reasons that could trigger this skin problem. Everything from hormonal changes to heat, product changes, skin reactions and a host of different things can be the reason behind this. If you have extremely irritated skin, the best thing to do is visit a doctor but if you think it isn't an allergy, make the most of the remedies available at home. 

Bathe in cold water

Hot water tends to irritate the skin more as it opens up the pores. Irritated skin is already extremely sensitive so avoid cold baths. 

Ice pack 

Irritated skin needs cooling and ice is the best way to soothe it. Make sure to apply the ice around the affected area to see whether it is reacting.

Drink water

Water is the best thing to get the body rid of all the toxins. Drinking less water can also result in your skin to flare up. 

Moisturise the skin

When the skin is irritated it tends to get dry and itchy. Apply a moisturizer that does not contain any scents. Perfume tends to irritate the skin further so stay away from it and lather on as much moisturiser on the affected area as you can. 

Use natural products

Get rid of all the products that you think might have caused your skin issues to flare up. If you are facing problems quite often, consult a doctor and switch to more natural, wholesome products. 

Face mist

A face mist is the easiest ways to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. Make sure to carry a bottle along when you're out in the sun or travelling. 

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Anonymous 8 months ago

Rinky very bad tell them not to use face mist because they can have strong fragrances which can irritate your skin go for more fragrance free products try out foreign skincare brands because let’s admit it Indian skincare is all about fairness and bleaching and scrubbing. Which is just way too bad. Please know your skin type and highly recommend researching every product you buy and go checkout YouTube they have great skincare experts who are actually certified.

Anonymous 8 months ago

Don’t use makeup wipes Don’t listen to pinkvilla’s diy hacks specially the ones lemon Use a double cleansing system Know your skin type not all skin types are dry And more info go checkout hyram and Susan yara please don’t follow pinkvilla’s skincare recommendations

Anonymous 9 months ago

Most skin problems come for dry skin. use an oil based soap .