Skincare: Easy and effective DIY remedies to deal with stretch marks at home

Both men and women experience stretch marks and if you are looking for a way to decrease their appearance, these home remedies will surely come to your rescue!
Skincare: Easy and effective DIY remedies to deal with stretch marks at home
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If you have recently lost or gained a few extra kilos or have been through pregnancy or puberty, there’s a great chance of you seeing stretch marks all around your body. We’re all blessed with these tiger stripes no matter if we’re a man or a woman. Stretch marks are a result of the expansion and contraction of the skin which is a common condition among most people around the world. 

While our motto is to accept these tiger stripes in its full glory, we often get asked about ways to get rid of them. So, you asked and we are here with the answer. Here are a few effective home remedies to help you get rid of stretch marks at home: 

Coconut Oil | Aloe Vera

Looks like we’re a flag barrier for Coconut oil but, nothing works wonder than a dab on coconut oil on the skin. It moisturises the skin well and keeps any scars away. Aloe Vera, on the other hand, heals broken tissues and restores it back to health. 

How to: Mix spoonfuls of aloe vera and coconut oil in a bowl. Apply it on the areas you find it's needed. You can use this as an overnight treatment every day.

Potato Juice

Potato is one of the best ingredients to get rid of dark circles and blemishes. It is filled with starchy compounds that help lighten the skin and helps reduce scars. It is an effective treatment even for stretch marks. 

How to: Grate a potato and, using a soft cloth, squeeze out the juice. Mix the juice with the grated remains and apply it on the affected areas. Leave it on for about 20 minutes and rinse with cold water. You can use this home remedy twice a week. 

Almond Oil

Rich in Vitamin E, almond oil is one of the best and effective ingredients for dealing with stretch marks. It moisturises the skin and deals with scarred tissue. It also reduces the redness and evens out the skin tone in no time. 

How To: Just apply almond oil over the affected areas overnight. Make sure to massage it on to your skin in a circular motion. 

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