Skincare ingredients you need to count on to take ageing process on a slow ride

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Skincare ingredients you need to count on to take ageing process on a slow ride
Skincare ingredients you need to count on to take ageing process on a slow ride

Being harsh on your skin by flooding it with 10 products just because you see wrinkles, and less glow isn't the right thing to do. While there's no direct ticket one could take without ageing signs being a part of your life's journey, there are definitely a few skincare ingredients that could rescue you by toning down the process. Read on. 

Your guide to anti-ageing skincare routine can be less complicated than your life only if you agree to play it easy. Read the label and work a patch test to see if your skin dislikes an ingredient. Once approved, slide into your daily regimen. With all the mega attention most ingredients receive often, you’d be tempted to add these all to your kit. While you upgrade it, discard the ones that prove to be futile. Here are the anti-ageing skincare ingredients we hope you own and if you do not, go on a hunt. 

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1) Hyaluronic acid: Old but will never stop being a star. A molecule found in your skin tends to decline with age. It strives to boost hydration levels to help keep your skin healthy, glossy, parched-free, and bouncy. 

2) Vitamin E: The glowing goddess and as an antioxidant can help beat your skin’s dullness but also prevent premature signs of ageing that can be easily caused due to sun damage. 

3) Retinol: The Vitamin A derivative works perfectly well to elevate collagen which can help reduce the appliance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

4) Purslane extract: The powerhouse of vitamins, omega fatty acids, and antioxidants, this anti-inflammatory and hydrating-boosting ingredient can bless you with younger-looking skin. It also helps initiate cell turnover. 

5) Caffeine: A must-have skin exfoliator that can aid in removing dead skin while leaving you with supple, glowing, and healthy skin. When used in DIY scrubs or skincare products (eye creams especially), this ingredient can tighten your skin. 

6) Matcha tea: Known for its natural skin-detoxifying properties, it’s a favourite in Japan and will soon be yours once you give it a shot. This helps delay signs of ageing with vitamins such as A, C, E, K, and B complex it holds but also reduces inflammation. 


Do you use these ingredients? Have you witnessed good results? Let us know in the comments below. 

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