Skincare rules EVERY mom to be needs to keep in mind while pregnant for supple and glowing skin

All mothers-to-be know that pregnancy is the time when they need extra care and attention. Here is every way you can take care of your extra sensitive face at this time.
Skincare rules EVERY mom to be needs to keep in mind while pregnancy for supple and glowing skinSkincare rules EVERY mom to be needs to keep in mind while pregnancy for supple and glowing skin
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Becoming a mother, more so a first-time-mother, is a milestone every woman strives to achieve. But this process involves a number of changes from dietary to skincare, giving rise to a new routine. This not only involves looking after yourself but also the baby at the same time! From stretch marks to pimples to pigmentation and hormonal imbalance in the body, there are a lot of changes your body is always going through. To ease out your skin and ensure it doesn't suffer, here are some rules every mother to be needs to follow for the best skin ever. 

Don't sign up for new skin treatments
With the way beauty treatments are going today, there is a new one on the rise every week! While they might sound tempting, consult your OB/GYN before trying your hand at any new skin treatments which involve machines, current, botox, fillers, laser, etc. 

Avoid night creams
Night creams usually come with retinoids and salicylic acid and the use of them can cause birth defects, according to studies. These ingredients are known to produce acne-free skin but are best avoided during pregnancies as they also tend to cause changes in the menstrual cycle as well. 

Start shaving 
When you are pregnant, your skin tends to become more sensitive. While there re no harmful effects of waxing during pregnancy, you might want to move to shaving to ave yourself the additional pain and discomfort of waxing often. Stay away from hair-removal creams during this time for they come with chemicals that could enter your skin. 

Add Vitamin C to your diet and skin
This is extremely helpful as it repairs tissue, helps in healing the skin and ensure it remains glowing and bright. 

Apply sunscreen
It is advised that you should not step out without slathering on sunscreen as the skin is overly sensitive and reacts badly to the sun during pregnancy. Make sure you are covered up well if you are pregnant and heading out during the hot hours. Don't forget to apply sunscreen and keep touching up every three hours to protect your skin and your baby!

This goes without saying! To reduce and even avoid stretch marks as much s possible, load up on moisturiser and slather it on your body. It will help soothe itchiness and dry skin. Dry areas like the elbows, knees, etc, are bound to get drier during your pregnancy. 

Continue your skincare routine
If you have  a particular routine that you have been following, don't skip out on it once you get pregnant, Your skin has adjusted well to it so far and it is likely that it will continue reacting the same way to it now that you are pregnant. 

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