Skincare Tips: How to use Vitamin C for healthy and glowing skin

Vitamin C has skincare benefits that can provide your skin with all the much-needed nutrients and keep it glowing and healthy with just some easy steps.
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We all know about vitamin C and it's health benefits. We know the importance of it in our lives and how rich it is. If you still haven't noticed now would be a good time to look at the ingredients of your skincare products. Most of our skincare products contain vitamin C which has numerous skincare benefits as well. Vitamin C is one antioxidant that helps treat cold and cough and boosts your immunity and other such health benefits but it can also work magic with your skin. Vitamin C helps your skin heal and it also helps accelerate the production of collagen which in turn helps improve the quality and texture of your skin. It also prevents premature ageing of your skin and keeps it healthy and it also prevents pigmentation. Vitamin C also protects your skin from sun damage and it's the perfect remedy for tanning and spots and scars. Now, there are numerous ways to add vitamin C to your diet but how do you add it to your skincare routine?

Here are some ways to add vitamin C to your skincare routine.

1. Your skin needs a lot of hydration and the best way to do it is by adding vitamin C rich beverages to your diet. Drink a lot of juices that have citrus fruits in it and you can also start your day with some fresh lemon juice for better skin.

2. Use a lot of vitamin C rich face masks at home. You can make one with berries pulp and some lemon juice. You can use strawberries because they're rich in vitamin C.

3. Make a refreshing vitamin C mist for your face that can help cleanse it and refresh it as well. Mix some aloe vera gel with some freshly squeezed lemon juice and add some rose water to it. Pour this mix in a spray bottle and spray your face with it whenever you need. You can refrigerate it for better results.

4. You can also make a vitamin C serum for your face with some rose water, glycerin and vitamin C tablets or powder.

5. You can also add vitamin for your skincare by adding vitamin C rich foods to your meal. This helps keep your body and skin healthy. 


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