Skin care: Easy ways to keep your makeup tools clean in order to avoid skin problems

Our makeup tools are mostly ignored and we fail to clean them. Not doing so makes it a breeding ground for bacteria and makes it unhygienic and unhealthy for our skin.
Skin care: Easy ways to keep your makeup tools clean in order to avoid skin problems
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We have a nice kit of makeup and all the important makeup tools. We spend a lot of time getting dolled up to enhance our features and look pretty. But do we really do what's important? We invest in good makeup products and good skincare products and maybe even home remedies and organic products. We follow a strict skincare routine and ensure that our skin remains healthy and happy but is that it really needs? Most of us forget the importance of cleaning the makeup tools that we use on our skin. The brushes and blenders and the eyelash curler and what not. We own these things but we fail to take adequate care and cleanse these tools that come in close contact with our skin. These tools have a lot of product buildup on them and remain moist which is like breeding haven for bacteria. When we use these tools on our face we transfer these bacteria to our face along with the age-old product as well. This can lead to numerous skin related problems like clogged pores, breakouts, skin infections and whatnot. This is why it is essentials to keep our tools clean for healthy skin.


Here are some tips to keep your makeup tools clean.

1. Take some warm water in a clean bowl and soak the bristles of your makeup brushes in it. This loosens the dirt and product buildup and makes cleaning them easier. Avoid using too hot water because that may damage the bristles. Soak it for 10 minutes and then wash it with some warm water. Wash your brushes as regularly as you can and let it air dry.

2. Use some spirit or isopropyl alcohol to clean your metal makeup tools like tweezers and eyelash curlers. Soak some cotton in it and wipe your tools to clean and disinfect them.

3. Before you use any makeup pencil, like kajal pencil or eyebrow pencil or lip liner pencil, sharpen it. After the last use, it may have some bacteria buildup that you may end up transferring to your skin and sharpening it will remove the top layer that has the bacteria buildup.

4. Clean your beauty blenders with some warm soapy water. Your beauty blender has loads of bacteria due to makeup product buildup and because it remains moist for quite a while. Soak it in soapy water for 15  minutes and then wash it with normal warm water to kill the bacteria and remove the product buildup.

5. Replace your puffs after every 3 months. The puff that you use with your compact should ideally be replaced every 3 months. It stays with your compact and also comes in contact with your skin which may have some basic bacteria and this may spoil your compact and allow bacteria to breed. 

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