Skincare tips to rejuvenate your tired skin after a hectic day explains dermatologist Dr Ajay Rana

Dermatologist Dr Ajay Rana is here to school you on all the ways you can rejuvenate your skin after a long, tiring day. Check it out
Skincare tips to rejuvenate your tired skin after a hectic day explains dermatologist Dr Ajay Rana
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Some of us work from home and some spend the day doing household chores.  A hectic day at work or home can lead to lifeless and dull skin. But no matter how we spend our day, we get tired by the evening and it shows on our face. By the end of the day, we are left with lifeless and pale skin. But this doesn't mean that you have to tolerate lifeless skin after a hectic day. A tired mind and body reflect in the form of dull-looking skin. Apart from that, external factors like pollution and the harsh rays of the sun can also suck the moisture and life out of your skin. You don’t always need a beauty salon to pamper your skin, a well-established skincare routine at home is enough to get rid of dull skin. Refresh your skin with a deep cleanses this lockdown. Here, we share with you a few simple tips that will help rejuvenate your skin:

Ice therapy - Rubbing an ice cube on your skin increases blood circulation, immediately reviving it and giving it a healthy glow. Run a couple of ice cubes all over your face for an instantly fresh look.

Hydrating Sheet masks - Sheet masks have been in the trend for the longest time. Not only do they come in a huge variety, but you can pick a different one every time to target different skin problems. Apart from giving a much-needed boost to the skin, sheet masks are also very hydrating and can make your skin fresh in an instant.

Use day cream to Boost oxygen supply to rejuvenate your skin - When oxygen levels drop in the skin, it can lead to dullness, uneven skin tone, and dark spots. With its oxygen boost and micro-circulation complex, day cream for oily skin enhances oxygen supply in the skin cells to give it a revived glow. The unique non-oily formulation of the Oxygen Boost Day Cream is developed by leading dermatologists and helps to rejuvenate skin by removing dullness and pigmentation. It is suitable for all skin types and provides a healthy, radiant glow.

Facial massage - A massage not just relaxes your mind and body, but also does wonders for the skin. Indulging in a facial massage is great as it improves circulation, making the skin look healthy and fresh. A regular facial massage will also make the skin firm while diminishing fine lines and puffiness.

Wash your face thoroughly to rejuvenate your skin - One of the best skincare tips is just wash your face regularly. Your face needs careful cleansing even while indoors. Dust and dirt can clog your pores even at home and make the skin dull. So you need to remove the grime and let your skin breathe. Follow the  60 seconds beauty rule on waking up each morning. 

Dry brushing - Running a dry brush on your face has multiple benefits. It exfoliates the skin, increases blood circulation and brings forth a natural flush. Dry brushing is the quickest way to rejuvenate your tired-looking skin instantly.

Exfoliate - Exfoliating also helps in getting rid of tired skin. Tired skin leads to the buildup of dead skin cells. You can easily remove them by exfoliation. Applying gentle exfoliation for 15 minutes can help you to get radiant skin. 

Healthy food and lots of water - Apart from applying different products to your face, you also need to monitor what you are putting inside of your body. Eating healthy food such as salad is very important after a hectic day. Make sure that you also drink a lot of water to hydrate your skin. 

Absorb some Vitamin D to rejuvenate the skin - An effective skincare tip to rejuvenate dull skin is to get some Vitamin D. Staying indoors can lead to vitamin D deficiency, which is damaging for skin health. Eat foods rich in Vitamin D like egg yolks, milk, mushrooms, cheese, fatty fish, etc. to support skin repair and rejuvenate it.

Face mist - This is the easiest hack to get rid of tired skin. Just a few spritzes of your favourite face mist can make your skin look fresh again. 

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