Skin Care Tips: THESE bizarre remedies can help treat your pimples

If you cannot find any other remedy for your pimples and you feel helpless, you might just be willing to try anything and everything but these absolutely weird remedies might just help you out.
Skin Care Tips: THESE bizarre remedies can help treat your pimplesSkin Care Tips: THESE bizarre remedies can help treat your pimples
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We've all struggled with acne a number of times and we know about that annoying little pimple that pops up just a while before a special occasion and sometimes the night before. We have loads of home remedy recipes to deal with these problems and then there are modern solutions to it but there are some solutions that not many people know about.

We've used some remedies like the toothpaste and such to treat our zits but there are weirder recipes for our annoying pimples that you probably haven't heard of and if you have they probably sound just to weird to even try but they might just work no matter how weird they may sound. So instead of stressing about treating your acne you can try these tricks along with your home remedies and see what work for your skin.

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Here are some bizarre treatments for your pimples:

1. Spit

Yep, we know that it sounds extremely disgusting but it's actually a great remedy for your pimples. As disgusting as it may sound but the early morning saliva before you cleanse your mouth is known to have healing properties. Just take some and apply it on your pimple because it just might work.

2. Listerine

Your mouthwash is known to be anti-bacterial and it cleanses your mouth of any and all bacteria. Apply some Listerine on your pimples and they may disappear overnight as it kills the bacteria and cleanses your skin.

3. Vinegar

Dilute some apple cider vinegar with equal amounts of water and apply this on your pimple. This helps dry out your pimple and clear your skin successfully.

4. Asprin

Yes, the pill you pop when you have a blasting headache might take away the headache of dealing with a stubborn zit. Crush some aspirin and rub it gently on your pimple or make a paste with some water and crushed aspirin and use it.

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5. Vicks

The treatment you use for your cold and cough and congestion can treat your pimple as well. Take some Vicks vaporub and rub it gently on your pimple and they may just disappear sooner. 

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I actually didn't knew about these remedies before... Thank you so much.I would like to try these remedies...

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