Skincare Tips: THESE tips can help you keep your skin moisturised during the winter season

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 Skincare Tips: THESE tips can help you keep your skin moisturised during the winter season
Skincare Tips: THESE tips can help you keep your skin moisturised during the winter season

Winter is harsh on our skin and it often tends to take a toll on our skin. The chilly air deprives our skin of the moisture that it needs and it also drains our skin of it's natural moisture which makes our skin really dry. The low temperature and the man-made heaters can often drain our skin of hydration and lead to numerous skin problems as well. This means that other than finding natural ways to stay warm, we also need to take adequate steps to retain our skin's natural moisture or just find a way to moisturise our skin and prevent it from getting dry or parched. The winter weather makes our skin dry and dull and takes away our skin's natural glow and also makes it more prone to premature ageing due to the lack of hydration and moisture and nourishment.

Here are some things that you need to do to keep your skin nourished and moisturised during winters:


1. Hydrating is very important. The main reason why our skin becomes dry is because we often don't feel thirsty and miss out on drinking water and this means that our skin does not get enough hydration and starts to lose it's natural moisture. Remember to keep yourself hydrated and drink an adequate amount of water or fluids.


2. Switch over from your regular lotion to a heavier cream. Lotions are light and don't moisturise your skin as much as a cream does. This is why cold creams are popular. Get a nice heavy cream to keep your skin moisturised and healthy.


3. While it may seem like bathing with hot water is the best way to bathe but try to avoid too hot water. Preferably try to bathe with lukewarm water to water that is just warm enough. The heat from your hot shower can strip your skin and your hair of it's natural oils and moisture and make it dry, which in turn makes things worse for your skin.


4. Switch from your regular face mist and face wash to something which is more cleansing and moisturising at the same time. Cleanse your face with a mixture of equal amounts of egg yolk and honey or you can simply use raw milk instead. Replace your face mist with a more moisturising face mist to suit your skin and the weather.


5. Indulge your skin in a good overnight skincare routine to moisturise it. Get a nighttime moisturising cream and apply it on your face and your palms as well as your heels. Wear soft socks and gloves overnight to lock the moisture in. This will keep your skin soft and supple and prevent dryness and cracked heels or peeling skin on the palms. A good night cream can work wonders for your face too.


6. Pick a moisturising scrub to exfoliate your skin and stay away from any skincare or beauty product which can dry your skin or strip it of its natural moisture. Instead, lock the moisture in with special moisturising products.



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