Skin Care: THIS is why you should protect your skin even though you're indoors and how to do it

With everybody practicing social distancing and holed-up at home, there is no better time than now to give your skin attention. Read on to find out how!
Skin Care: THIS is why you should protect your skin even though you're indoors and how to do it Skin Care: THIS is why you should protect your skin even though you're indoors and how to do it
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Working from home today, is a way of life. Everybody seems to be doing it (or at least pretending to do it) well. While most of us are working in our pyjamas, looking cute as ever, all our favourite makeup products have taken a backseat, giving our skin some much-needed rest and time to breathe. But does this mean you need not follow a skincare regimen now that you are home? 

According to skincare experts, it is still important to have an actual at-home skincare regimen to continue to keep it glowing. Not having a regimen will do more harm than good and ruin the skin you have been attempting to get for ages together. Plus, when the world is back to full-function, your skin will thank you for this! 

Here is the ultimate regime to follow this quarantine season, for the best skin yet! 


Even though we aren't heading out or being exposed to pollution (with the levels at an all-time low), there are still free radicals that clog the skin. All one needs to do to ensure their skin is clean, is use a gentle cleanser that will help clean the pores, and get rid of dead skin and dirt. 


Yes, toners are important no matter where in the world you are and what kind of skin you have. Using a toner on your skin is the best way to cool it down now that summer is here, and close the open pores so that less dirt gets in. 


In addition to drinking 8 or more glasses of water, it is important to also whip up moisturiser for your face. For instant hydration use a water-base moisturiser to ensure your skin doesn't dry or flake out. And for an added boost, add a touch of vitamin C to your moisturiser - it instantly evens out the skin tone!


Just because you aren't heading into the sun, doesn't mean you don't need to protect your skin from it. Maybe don't slather on lots of it, but just enough SPF will do your skin good even at home.


Now that you have all the time in the world, you can use it to give your skin the boost it requires. Instead of just using weekends to mask, think about masking every alternate days for the best and most refreshed skin yet! 


Once a week, take a nice long bath and use the time to rub off all the dry skin and grime that has locked itself in your skin. Whip up your own DIY exfoliation scrub or use a store-bought one and see instant effects on your skin. 

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