Soapy Brows: ALL you need to know about the AFFORDABLE Instagram brow trend and how to do it yourself

One of the biggest trends that took over Instagram in 2020, was the soapy brow trend, which is all about achieving full and fluffy brows, with a natural look. Here's all you need to know.
Soapy Brows: ALL you need to know about the AFFORDABLE Instagram brow trend and how to do it yourself
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Always wanted full and fluffy brows that you've seen lately on basically every Instagram model and blogger? Hop on the bandwagon because it's a weird ride to get there!
The brushed up and slicked brows look has taken over Instagram, giving the illusion of fluffy, perfectly arched and voluminous brows. The almost-laminated look is thanks to soap! So time to get rid of your brow gels, brow pens and all of that expensive equipment you've been stocking up on or saving up for and opt for this affordable way to get the brows of your dreams!

Is soap bad for the eyebrows?
While soap isn't bad for the eyebrows and neither does it have an adverse effect on the skin as it has been made to come in contact with hair and skin, it would be better to use soaps that are known for their moisturising properties than the ones that leave your skin dry and scaly.
There are a number of drugstore brands that boast of their soaps being creamy and moisturising. Now's the time to opt for them!

Here's how to use soap on your brows to achieve the look:
- Take a clean soap bar and wet the surface just a little and rub the surface till it becomes paste-like. Ensure there is no lather.
- Take a clean spoolie brush and dampen it just a little.
- Run the spoolie brush on the surface of the soap.
- Rub this on your brows in an upward motion or manipulate the hair in any direction of your choice.
- Let the soap dry.
- Fill in your brows with a brow pencil.

Are you going to try the soap brow trend? Comment below and let us know.

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