15 Spring nail colors ranging from glitter shades to pastel tones that are trending this season

The sun is out, and the flowers are blooming! This is the perfect time to get your mani! From simple to stiletto nails, check out our list of 15 spring nail colors to slay the trend!

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15 Spring nail colors ranging from glitter shades to pastel tones that are trending this season
15 Spring nail colors ranging from glitter shades to pastel tones that are trending this season
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Shelve the moody blacks and wine-soaked reds, it's time to spruce up your style with pretty cool spring nail colors and bring joy to your nails and toes too. Spring is here! Nail coloring is an art that everybody wants to rock but only a few can pull off! The history of nail coloring dates back to 3000 BCE and it is believed to have originated in China. It was basically a lacquer that can be applied to the human fingernail or toenails to decorate and protect the nail plates. During the Ming dynasty, nail polish was often made from a mixture that included beeswax, egg whites, gelatin, vegetable dyes, and gum arabic. But these days they are made by film-forming polymers dissolved in a volatile organic solvent. The ingredients used can also change your nail care routine.

Types of nail polish

There are different types of nail polishes with different finishes and formulas to suit every taste or need. 

Base Coat

Its first setting layer that helps you layer other colors effortlessly. Its purpose is to strengthen nails, restore moisture to the nail, and help polish adhere to the nail. It prevents staining and extends the lifespan of the manicure.

Top Coat 

These are quick-drying nail polishes that give the polish a more finished and desired look and may help to keep the polish on longer. It is used specifically after applying nail polish to the nail.


This is a long-lasting variant that is much similar to traditional nail polish but does not dry.  Many brands now offer a gel polish that doesn't require a UV light, making it very easy to do yourself. 


Matte nail polish is similar to regular polish, but the finish has no luster. It's no secret that matte polish tends to chip faster than its glossy counterpart. 

Trending spring nail colors

Each season we see a rise in certain colors that rule the fashion and beauty world. This spring, it's the pastel shades and muted tones but just not that, peppy yellow and shades of pink are also leading the charts. Although you can definitely wear whatever color or design you want any time of the year, it’s still nice to have some ideas to inspire your nail selections each season. So this spring, bring out all the colors and flaunt your skills with stunning looking nails. Prepare to see a lot of versions of mesmerizing Gen-Z approved nail art looks in all different shades right below.

Here are 15 spring nail colors:

During the pandemic, we saw a shift in nail trends. The post-pandemic era is clinging to its new form with varied varieties of colors and patterns taking over the manicure trend list. Spring nail colors are predominantly pastels with a dose of peppy hues and glitter. Here is a list of 15 cool spring nail colors for you to shop from!

1. Baby Pink and Small Platinum Gold Glitter 

With a Gen-Z style tweak, this pastel shade with glittery particles will create an eye-grabbing textured nail surface. A relentlessly ultra-adherent base coat preps the nail surface, maximizing the lifespan of a Mani/Pedi. Top coat seals in the pure pigment’s brilliance to preserve its vibrancy and integrity while delivering a flawless, ultra-glossy finish. It definitely will give you the spring vibes and give a contemporary look and feel to your nails.


Price: $18

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2. Purplish Gray

While pastel tones rule the spring season we can see a lot of celebrities and beauty influencers flaunting light nail colors and this purplish-gray nail color will be one offbeat color that will make you stand out from the crowd. This is a healthy alternative to gel polish as it delivers the long-lasting gloss and cushion of a gel manicure without damaging nails. It also comes with a 10 free formula to promote nail health.


Price: $20

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3. Nude White Pastel Pink

The 6-piece nude gel polish kit is made of natural resin and toxin-free ingredients, it is safe for your nails and has a low odor. This nail gel set can be highly pigmented and have good tenacity. With a proper application, the high-quality gel polish can last for over 2-3 weeks. This gel polish set comes with a beautiful box, it is an exquisite gift for your family member or friend.


Price: $18.99

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4. The Very Perri Shades

Pantone color of the year is the moment in fashion. Be it bags, footwear, hair clips or nail paint, the lilac shade is one of our favorite spring nail colors. The shade is a clear winner and will suit everybody. This cool shade can go along with all outfits and will also be the perfect base color to paint over. Layer it up with white dots or floral designs for fun nail art.


Price: $6.79

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5. Sunset Orange 

This pastel orange shade is a springtime neutral that can make your nails pop. The exclusive easy glide brush fits every nail size for an easy-to-use, quick and even streak-free application. With flawless coverage and outstanding durability, the formula gives a shiny and smooth appearance. Get in the sunny, warm-weather mindset with this coral orange shade- it's like the sunset on your nails!


Price: $7.75

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6. Pink Gloss Glitter

It's pink for the win! This cat-eye color nail polish is a spring nail trend that is flattering on every skin tone, from fair to dark and works especially well for a demure mani. They can appear in different colors and shapes in different light and angles! Attractive color-changing and cat-eye velvet effects will surprise you. If you love all things glitz and glam, this is the color you should shop for!


Price: $9.99

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7. Canary Yellow Nail Color

What’s spring without a pop of yellow! It's the bright happy color that brings in all cheerfulness in you. The popular spring nail color is for the bold and playful, with the '70s, floral-print vibe. It's got a glossy sheen and lasts so much longer than you'd expect. A must buy for every nail art enthusiast.


Price: $6.99

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8. Holographic Gel Nail Polish

The name says it all. The holographic nail trend is going nowhere! It's here to spice up the spring mood with its party charms. Applying every thin coat is the key, make sure the brush doesn't have too much on it before starting the strokes. With a metallic swirl of blue and purple polish, it has the same impact as a pricey salon metallic manicure, but this you can DIY.


Price: $6.99

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9. Hot Pink Glitter Spring Nail Color

Hot pink and glitter shades will never go out of style. They only make things more sensuous with their bright and sparkly hue. It acts as an instant mood-booster and might seem a little intimidating in the bottle, but gorgeous on your nails. It is everything you want in a spring nail color and is definitely the one to pick if you are prepping for a party or night out.



Price: $8.59

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10. Slate Blue Vegan Nail Color

Pastel shades and muted undertones are the season’s favorite and of course, the love for minimalism is only growing in all fields be it fashion or nail art. Slate blue is one such hue that is almost too gorgeous to use. This nail polish features the first-ever angled brush for easy self-application with both hands, including your non-dominant hand. This fast-drying nail polish dries in about a minute so you can grab, apply, and dry it on the fly.



Price: $8.70

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11. Crystal Breathable Lacquer

This is our VIP (that is Very Important Polish) of the season. With a holographic sheen and subtle glow, this beautiful shade is a winning choice! For weddings, clubbing or date nights, look ultra-glam as this nail paint will give you that finishing touch with its cute nail colors. This translucent pearly polish gives nails a light sheen that won't show chips. It's that no-makeup makeup style but for your nails.


Price: $11.68

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12. Neutral Purple Shimmer Shade

For nails as sunny and sweet as a springtime day, here is the color that works for all occasions. These vegan colors will nourish your nails and give them the beauty that it deserves. The soft glam color lasts well for a week without forming cracks or peel offs. This is a beautiful shade called "LOVE" and it's appropriate for year-round wear. It goes on smoothly and easily with the 'gripper' bottle topper. 


Price: $13

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13. Muted Sandy Beige Hue

Give your spring nails a dose of summer love with this muted sandy beige manicure color. It's a balanced blend of brown, gold and glitter that can't go wrong for spring 2022. The matte shade with a velvet effect is inspired by a high stake game of love- are you ready to risk it all! Its exclusive easy glide brush allows you for a quick, even application. Gift this glitter glamour shade to amp up your style statement.


Price: $8.20

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14. Soft Pastel Pink

Here’s the perfect spring color! We’ll always have a soft spot for soft pinks this time of year. This glossy shine opaque pastel pink nail polish provides flawless coverage and outstanding durability. Use it with an apricot cuticle oil for a long-lasting sheen and non-chipping finish. The applicator comes with an easy glide brush that fits every nail size for quick, even and professional application on nails.


Price: $7.84

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15. Gel Nude Nail Color

Achieve the best salon look from the comfort of your own home with this spring nail color that makes your natural nails look even healthier and brighter. This color will look endlessly cool with everything in your closet, you can trust us on that. It's a cool shade that’s too pretty not to wear. After all, skin-complementing shades are chic, understated, and elongate your fingers making them a must-have in your closet.


Price: $6.69

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Tips on removing your nail colors

If you want to try out different colors in a short span of time, then its important to remove your existing nail color carefully. From using perfume to toothpaste, here are 4 easy and simple ways that you can try to remove your polish.

1. Nail polish remover

Made for the very purpose of getting rid of your nail paint, just take a small quantity of the acetone and tab it with cotton on your nails. YOur existing nail color will fade or chip off right away. If you don’t have a nail polish remover handy, use any of the below-mentioned alternatives.

2. Toothpaste

This is an easy hack where all you have to do is rub a little bit of toothpaste on your nails with an old toothbrush. The ethyl acetate that’s also present in the polish remover will help remove the paint flawlessly providing you with a clean base to try out new colors.

3. Perfume

Deodorant or perfume can not only help you smell fresh but also make your nails look clean. Spritz some on tissue paper and rub on your nails. Many women swear by this hack, which works surprisingly.

4. Hand sanitizer

Since it’s more likely to carry a hand sanitizer than nail polish remover, this will be a hack that everyone can try out to get your nail color removed. Use a cotton ball with hand sanitizer and rub it on the nails. Repeat till you get the results. That’s it!


We have curated these fabulous spring nail colors in terms of dry time, longevity, shine and coverage. Their cheerful colors and subtle tones will give your hands and feet a beautiful look. Life is too short to let your nails feel no colors. This spring, amp up the happy vibes with these cool nail colors for a dashing look every day!


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Why is nail polish important?
Unkempt nails are not a pleasant sight and people might draw conclusions on your personal hygiene too. If you have flawed or unattractive fingernails or toenails, nail polish can help disguise that.

How many times can nail polish be used?
A polish should last for up to two years once opened, but if it's still separated and won’t blend as desired it’s time to toss it.

How long does nail polish stay on?
Your manicure may last for up to two weeks before you see any chipping. Applying a top coat over your nail art will help make it long-lasting.

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