Still dealing with frizzy hair? THIS DIY anti frizz hair mist is all you need

11 months ago  |  2.4M
Still dealing with frizzy hair? THIS DIY anti frizz hair mist is all you need

Frizzy hair is a bane to our existence. It not only ends up breaking but also looks quite awful. If you're like us, we know you've tried every possible thing to let the moisture in your hair stay locked in, but, no, that does not seem to happen! While you're still trying out all the other hair care remedies, we bring you a rather different approach to deal with frizzy hair. This DIY anti-frizz spray is somewhat magical when it comes to dealing with a frizz ball that is your hair. 

All you need:

3 tablespoons of Coconut oil

2 tablespoons of Aloe Vera gel

1 cup of rose water

1 vitamin E capsule (optional)

How to:

1. In a bowl take aloe vera gel (store-bought or natural, any seems okay). Blend it well with the rest of the ingredients. 

2. Strain the liquid mixture in a squeeze bottle. 

3. Take two to three pumps and apply it on your hair after you've washed and towel-dried it.

4. If you feel that you require the solution on dry hair, you can go about using it after your hair has completely dried. 


- Rosewater is known to balance out the pH levels of your hair and scalp it keeps fungal infections and dandruff at bay. Not only that, but in this case, it also works as a great perfume for your hair.

- We're all no stranger to the benefits of coconut oil. It not only nourishes the scalp bit also hydrates the hair follicles. The fatty acids present in the oil helps in locking the moisture and thus reduces frizz. 

- Aloe Vera is filled with anti-inflammatory properties. It helps deal with scalp issues while also nourishes the frizzy mane. It is a great conditioner that helps add that extra bit of shine to the hair which is seriously a dream for all frizzy-haired people!

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