Store your drawers with these 8 Beauty products to help you beat the October heat before it arrives

Updated on Sep 16, 2021 10:56 PM IST  |  101.9K
Store your drawers with these 8 Beauty products to help you beat the October heat before it arrives
Store your drawers with these 8 Beauty products to help you beat the October heat before it arrives

As the month of September goes by, the monsoon season is slowly coming to an end. Soon the scorching sun is going to shine bright upon us. The humidity is going to come to an end, but the sweating is going to make our lives dreadful. Here are some products that you must stock up to help you beat the October heat with ease. 

Swiss Beauty Makeup Fixer 

When you spend hours doing your makeup you would obviously want it to last long and prevent the sweat and heat from spoiling it. This makeup fixer is going to ensure that your makeup stays put even in the heat. Enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E, this makeup fixer will keep your makeup intact as well as hydrate and refresh your skin. This lightweight and oil-free setting spray will ensure that there is no melting, fading or need for a touch up. 


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Miniso Oil-Absorbing Sheets 

These sheets rapidly absorb excess oils and help control shine without any powder. Each use soothes, protects and refreshes your face. These oil absorbing sheets come in a handy dispenser for your convenient use, keeping the remaining tissues safe, fresh and sanitary. The packaging is light and small, perfect for travel! It will Instantly absorb excess oil from the face and minor sweating of palms and forehead without a powdery finish.


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Lakmé Rose Face Powder with Sunscreen 

Applying sunscreen before you start with your makeup is quite an integral step and especially during the summers. Now you can skip this step with this face powder. This rose face powder is enriched with real rose extracts and will protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. It is super easy to use and will control the oil balance for hours. 


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Batiste Wildflower Dry Shampoo 

The sweat during the summers can make your hair look super greasy. Washing your hair everyday is not feasible so on mornings when you wake up with greasy hair, this dry shampoo will come to your rescue. This dry shampoo will ensure that your hair is always fresh and clean even if you have not washed it in days. Infused with a refreshing scent of melon, hibiscus and apple, this dry shampoo absorbs oil and revives the strands adding extra body and texture. Now bid adieu to your limp locks, bedhead and greasy hair! 


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Dignity Spongee Soft Body Cleansing Wet Wipes 

These body wipes are extra thick and super moisturising and are made for effective cleansing of the skin without the usage of water. Made of soft and smooth spun lace fabric, they protect skin from allergy, irritation and rashes. They are enriched with aloe vera and glycerine for skin nourishment. Can be used as a cold or warm wet wipe as it is packed in a microwavable pack to enable warming up the wipes.


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Juicy Chemistry Deodorant Stick 

Bid goodbye to body odor and sweat! The antibacterial ingredients in this deodorant stick will help to unclog pores and cleanse the underarms, leaving them soft and supple. It has a refreshing fragrance of blood orange, peppermint and the invigorating smell of lime is long lasting to keep your underarms fresh and clear the entire day. This organic deodorant does not interrupt the natural detox process of the body, unlike antiperspirants that have aluminum and alcohol that may clog the pores and may not allow toxins to flush from the body.


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Sirona Disposable Underarm Sweat Pads 

These are easy-to-use garment liners that act as a sweat shield, locking in excess sweat and saving your clothes from yellowish stains, and you from odour and embarrassment. These self-adhesive pads are suitable for all garments and can be used by both men and women. Each sweat pad comes with a self adhesive strip so that it can stick to the inside of the clothes without any hassles. Apply it along the seams of the garment and avoid embarrassment of underarm sweat. These sweat pads prolong the life of your clothing by preventing sweat stains and fabric colour bleeding. The ultra thin and soft texture of the sweat pads is breathable in nature. The pad is also invisible from the outside of your clothes.


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Dr Foot Natural Foot Sanitiser & Shoe Deodorant Spray 

Now do not let a bad smell on a hot sweaty day ruin a perfectly good pair of shoes! This foot spray will terminate the smell no matter how strong and leave your shoes smelling minty fresh. The foot and shoe spray not only rids shoes of foul stenches, but also defeats unwanted particles that might be residing on the skin of your feet.


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