Struggle with blackheads? Here are 6 skincare products to help you deal with it

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Struggle with blackheads? Here are 6 skincare products to help you deal with it
Struggle with blackheads? Here are 6 skincare products to help you deal with it

Clogged hair follicles appear as small bumps on the skin known as blackheads. They are mild acne-type blackheads that pop out on your face especially in the nose area. Hormonal changes, too much oil production, irritation of the hair follicles, and no proper hygiene causes the influx of blackheads that creates an uneven skin surface. Because of their dark colour, blackheads are easy to spot on the skin. So here are 6 skincare products to pluck out and reduce blackheads easily.


Charcoal Nose Strips

Cleanse your face and use these strips to pull out your blackheads. The strips pull out the particles smoothly and free your pores, leaving you with a smooth nose and natural glow.

nose strips


Price: Rs 110

Deal: Rs 83

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Blackhead Remover Tool

This reusable tool is an excellent item to invest in if you deal with blackheads often. Simply surround the blackhead with these tools and then press gently to extract it.


Price: Rs 80

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Charcoal Peel Off Mask

Activated charcoal is a deep pore cleanser that helps remove impurities, blackheads and blemishes for toned, radiant skin. The ingenious formula is packed with vitamins, nutrients and extracts essential to your skin health.

blackheads face mask


Price: Rs 300

Deal: Rs 191

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Blackhead Remover Device

Blackhead removal can be a daunting task but this device makes it super easy. It gently removes impurities and blackheads from pores without squeezing with its suction head. It is also perfect for spa-like exfoliation and skin rejuvenation.



Price: Rs 339

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Green Mask Stick

The green tea solid cleansing face contains green tea extract, which can effectively clean the skin pores, deeply clean up skin dirt, adjust the skin's water and oil balance, replenish skin moisture, and nourish the skin.


green mask 

Price: Rs 229

Deal: Rs 249

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Nose Glow Scrub

This organic nose glow scrub balances the oil and sebum levels of the nose skin and deep cleanse and unclogs pores thereby removing white and blackheads.


 blackhead scrub

Price: Rs 325

Deal: Rs 225

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