Struggling with a cakey foundation? THESE blending mistakes could be the reason

Blending mistakes can ruin your foundation which in turn can have a very cakey impact on your makeup!
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No one likes a patchy makeup or a layered and cakey foundation. Foundation is an important part of your makeup. It is the first step or rather the base of the makeup. It is very crucial to apply your foundation right because it can have a major impact on your entire look. We all spend a lot of time digging and finding the right foundation for our skin tone. But sometimes even with the most expensive foundation of the perfect shade, your make up may look ‘blah’ because you failed to apply and blend the foundation. Makeup blending is very crucial in order to look good. A cakey or patchy foundation looks cheap and tacky and that’s not the look that you want. This can be avoided simply by avoiding these common foundation blending mistakes.

1. Moisturise

If your skin is not hydrated it can make your foundation look layered and cakey or maybe even patchy. If you want to blend your foundation properly your skin needs to be smooth and hydrated. Moisturized your skin beforehand and let it settle before you apply foundation.

2. Foundation Formula

The type of foundation you use is very important. The finish and the formula of your foundation are very important. You need to pick a foundation according to your skin type. If you have dry skin avoid a chalky or a powdery kind of foundation and if you have oily skin then avoid a creamy foundation. Pick the foundation as per your skin type and requirement.

3. Using Fingers or Sponge

How or rather what you use to blend also makes a difference. When you try to blend with your fingers your foundation may not settle well and seem patchy and uneven. A damp sponge can do the same. Even though beauty blenders are popular and they blend very well but they soak a lot of foundation and do not allow it to spread evenly. Try using a foundation brush to apply and blend the foundation.

4. Too much foundation

Using too much foundation can also cause a problem. When you go overboard on the foundation your face gets layered up and looks cakey.  Use a limited amount of product and apply a thin layer of foundation.

5. Setting powder

Give your foundation a little time to settle before you use a setting powder especially if you have a creamy foundation. Let your foundation dry and settle for 5-7 minutes before you put some setting powder. When you throw on the setting powder too early, you may end up with a layer of cakey setting powder on your face. 

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