Struggling with dry skin? This DIY body butter will leave it smooth, supple and hydrated instantly

This body butter is pure gold and worth all the effort it takes to whip it up!
DIY,Home Remedy,dry skin Struggling with dry skin? This DIY body butter will leave it smooth, supple and hydrated instantly
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One of the biggest struggles that people with dry skin face, is that the moisturisers available are either too greasy or too thin and don't serve the purpose and do the trick at all. While moisturisers are a great ingredient to keep skin hydrated, body butter has been all the rage. They boost hydration and ensure the skin remains plump and moisturised for longer periods of time with a little quantity of the product used.
If you aren't too fond of store-bought products, whip one up yourself!

A body butter ideally contains both - oils and liquids in a good consistency to hold the thick product. Here's all you'll need and easy steps on whipping it up.

Oils: You can use either avocado oil, coconut oil or almond oil as they all smell sweet and are very nourishing. Ensure that this is virgin and cold-pressed, for best results.
Butters: Cocoa butter and shea butter work best

In a steel bowl, add one cup of cocoa butter. Place this bowl in another larger bowl that contains hot water and place it on the stove. Light it, for the butter to melt completely until it is in liquid form.
Add to this, half a cup of your favourite oil and mix well till both are combined.
Once it has completely melted, cool it down for around 10 minutes and then set it in the freezer to harden again, for around 20 minutes.
Now, using an electric whisk, whip up the mixture for around five minutes. By now, fluffy white butter clouds should have formed. If not yet formed, whip it for longer till they form.
Using a spoon add it to a clean, clear container and store it in a cool and dark place.
Apply this on your dry skin patches for immediate results!

This can be preserved for up to three months.

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