Struggling with facial hair? Here are 3 simple home remedies to get rid of them

Facial hair is natural and common. If you are struggling to deal with them here are 3 DIY techniques to get rid of them naturally. Check it out!
Struggling with facial hair? Here are 3 simple home remedies to get rid of them
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The hairy little secret that women do have facial hair that grows darker and stronger as we age is a well-known fact to all. For years we have been suffering to get rid of them by waxing, plucking and shaving that either makes us shed tears in pain or turns our skin a shade darker. Searching for alternative painless and natural methods for facial hair removal, we have found three easy home remedies that can do the job perfectly. Instead of visiting the parlour every week, trust these organic methods and refrain from touching the metal on your face. Home remedies call for a consistent and dedicated routine to reap its benefits completely. So remember to have patience and trust in the process.


Cornstarch and egg white

A peel-off mask that removes your tiny facial hair naturally is an ideal solution to your problem. Mix egg white, cornstarch and a little bit of sugar and apply the paste to your face. Keep them away from the eyebrows and eye area. Peel off the mask after it's dried and see how the sticky mask pulls away those tiny streaks on your face. This mask is not suitable for acne-prone skin as vitamin A in the egg can fund acne break out. The corn starch and sugar nourishes and moisturises the skin and makes your face feel fresh. It also exfoliates and removes blackheads.

Orange and lemon peel

The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties in these citrus fruits treat acne and skin blemishes. They have natural bleaching properties that lighten facial hair and make it less visible. Prepare a mask by mixing orange peel, lemon peel, oatmeal, almond or olive oil and a few drops of rose water and apply them on your target areas like upper lip and chin to get rid of facial hair naturally. This mask also helps in skin brightening and acts as an excellent cleansing mask.

Tea tree oil and lavender oil

Say bye to the painful waxing! Tea tree oil is our hero here. They naturally fight excess androgen and hirsutism and makes the skin hair free and smooth. It also aids in glowing youthful skin and slows down the signs of ageing. Mix lavender and tea tree oil in a 1:4 ratio and massage well on your face. In case of skin irritation or itchiness, you can dip a cotton ball in the mixture, and dab only on the hairy areas on your face.


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Anonymous 2 months ago

lemon peel for facial hair - LOL!