Struggling to maintain the perfect look in college? THESE beauty hacks will help you with it

Are you in college and don't have much time to focus on your skin and beauty? Follow these beauty hacks right away. These hacks will help you achieve a radiant glowing skin. These hacks are simple, useful and easy to follow.
Struggling to maintain the perfect look in college? THESE beauty hacks will help you with itStruggling to maintain the perfect look in college? THESE beauty hacks will help you with it
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When you are in college you have a lot going on in your life. You don't have the time to focus and follow a proper beauty regime and hence your skin goes for a toss. Stress, late-night parties and assignments can take away the glow from your face. And if you are suffering from the same issue and aren't able to do something about it, then don't worry we've got you covered with this one. 


Being a college girl and looking after your skin can be hard at times. Plus, you have so much to do apart from attending lectures. Read below to find out some makeup hacks that can help you maintain the glow and shine of your skin. Whether you're a budding makeup artist or need all the help you can get, these beauty hacks are sure to benefit you no matter what. Use these hacks and say hello to your supple skin. 


Use sellotape for smokey eyes:


Getting the perfect smokey eye can be a real struggle. And this is true when you are in a rush to reach somewhere. To make it simple, create a sharp line with some sellotape on your eye and do your eye makeup as normal. Then, peel off the tape, and you will have the perfect crisp line. 


Use vaseline to clean makeup mistakes:


Getting ready for college while you are late for your first lecture can be a task. You tend to smudge that eyeliner here and there, and that spoils the look. To fix that, grab a cotton bud and some Vaseline and clean up the edges.


Apply eyelashes this way:


Application of fake eyelashes can be time-consuming and painstaking. The glue doesn't stick on well and you have to be extra careful while using it. But don't worry, we've got you covered. Cut the lash in three small pieces and apply each section individually. 


Use raw honey:


Late nights outs, sleepless nights studying or doing assignments can spoil the health of your skin. To avoid that, put some honey on your face. Honey is brilliant for your skin. It helps fight acne and it makes your skin glow with many other health benefits. And the best part is that it's affordable. 


Get that famous pout:


Love Kylie Jenner and always dream to have a pout like here. Well, here's how you can achieve that without spending much. Apply a white eyeshadow in the middle of your lips and highlight your cupid's bow. It creates the illusion of fuller more lascivious lips. Apply a translucent powder to make those lips last all day. 


Reuse your dried mascara:


It's usually believed that dried up mascaras are of no use. But that's not the case. Put the tube in a mug of hot water, and it will be good as new in a matter of minutes. Don't waste money buying a new one when you can revive the old one.

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