Suffering from hair loss? THESE habits could be the reason

Hair loss can be embarrassing and a great cause of stress. Unknowingly we may make things worse for our hair. We all need to watch out for things that could damage our hair; Read on
Suffering from hair loss? THESE habits could be the reason
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Hair loss can be a great cause of concern for all of us. A little bit of hair loss is pretty common but anything too much is something to worry about. Your hair needs a lot of love and care and a hair care routine just like everything else. Many times we unintentionally damage our hair and make things worse for our hair and scalp. Little every day habits can impact our hair. This is why it is crucial to know which habits could lead to hair loss. Hair loss or hair thinning can impact our mind and self-confidence as well as our social life. Keep an eye for these habits that could cause hair loss.

1. Tying your hair

We often tie our hair up to prevent it from getting in our way. Hair in our face can be troublesome. But pulling and tugging at your hair and keeping them tied up tightly or for a longer period of time can pull your hair at the scalp and weaken them at the roots.


2. Improper care

We may spend time on our fitness and skincare but we often miss out on hair care. Our hair needs as much care as our skin, probably more. There’s nothing wrong in oiling your hair once in a while or going for a hair spa or maybe even DIY hair masks would do some magic. Don’t ignore your hair.


3. Too much heat

No, we’re not talking about the weather. Many of us like a hot shower but too much heat on your head can weaken your hair at the roots and make them brittle and prone to breakage. The same happens when you use a hairdryer to dry your wet hair or style them with your hot curling iron or straightening iron. Don’t use too much heat on your hair.


4. Unhealthy diet

Just like the rest of your body, your hair too needs nutrients to grow and flourish. We often fail to eat well and care for our hair. Eat a healthy and hair-friendly diet.


5. Hair products

Too many products on your hair can damage your hair follicles. Avoid using too many chemical-based products and keep them to the minimum.


6. Stress

Stress is a big cause of hair loss. Researches have found that hair loss increases when your stress levels are elevated so, calm down and relax.


7. Hair wash routine

Your hair needs to be cleaned but not too much and not too less. Wash your hair depending on the amount of pollution that your hair is exposed to. 

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